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Old Fernando Torres and 20 year old Alejandro Arroyo threw the bottle while driving off. Officers found the men pretty quickly and they're facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. The extreme hot, dry and windy conditions that favor wildfires in parts of northern California are leading to power shutdowns. PG and E has said to turn off power to hundreds of thousands of users in Northern California, the utility says red flag, high winds and extremely low humidity Are conditions that are just too dangerous. The power shutdowns could last until Tuesday. I'm Johnny de Agostini, Sacramento traffic checking KFBK JJ traffic in the Sierra 80 westbound at the California Nevada state line. The roadway is reduced to a one lane for the Ditch Slope stabilization project. There is also the long term closures of the parrot on and off ramps expected throughout the construction. And this is not set to complete until late summer of next year. So expect delays for quite some time. Then in Sacramento, north bound five at Kew Street, the off ramp is shut down. This is all a part of the fixed sack five project and you also have North bound five The P Street on ramp Shut down until Monday due to this Alden Jacob News 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather There's a high risk for fires over the next couple of days. Today, mostly sunny highs of 72 to 76 Tonight, clear lows in the mid to upper forties windy again with sunshine mid to upper seventies tomorrow and more sudden you're 80 on Tuesday. Mac, you others. Bill Dagger News. 93.1 kfbk Covert has changed the way many of us are thinking about this election. Whether you go to your polling place with the mailbox will be here with the facts you need to know before you vote. Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. So here we are. Voice voting by mail is not new here in California, your vote harvesting of ballots that I would not be surprised to see this particular issue very latest ending up in the courts..

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