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Neck wins in by as well her fingers are clenched into a fist she's bowed river she she's an an unbelievable amount of pain right now you can tell hold on all right we're going to the hospital. eh I I think it's a police chief I'd probably have Some at least I eighty experience real life bent does not know what you do about neck wound maybe there's not much you can do but I would do you put a restaurant yeah maybe pressure on it there is definitely some belied coming out of her Mukunda it seems like she's bleeding kind of a lot actually so you go ahead and do you have anything that you can apply pressure with like a rag or a vest or something I think he would he would keep first aid kit in his car all right so you're gonNA run out to your car to get the first aid kit all right while you're running out to your car to get the first aid kit ripped off man you are Iran you you tell her I'll be right back madge and she starts painting very heavily you run out the door you run to your car as you are approaching car another vehicle pulls up beside yours this one is a twenty nineteen Maserati John Cooper works but you're going to see John Cougar Mellencamp S- there's a John Cooper works many countrymen that pulls up next yours then a mini cooper it's it's the same people who do the mini coopers you would he's got good taste the awesome listen listen for context here cincy agencies like just fulfilled their livestream could die tomorrow and be fine because they bought A mini cooper like like a like a sporty one what's his name then called that because he's like a sexy little stormtrooper it's like thin anyway back to the story so okay can I make it out the door for before I saw that yeah you made it out the door you're like crossing the parking lot John Cooper works mini countryman pulls up next yours red okay I want to duck inside IMPA another one of my second where being this shot time I wear my by back seat of my car owners the other seconds out okay get however is not loaded okay he allowed shotgun loaded and then you see a very tall areas attractive blonde man come out of the John Cooper works this is a man that you recognize as Carlisle Cullen the head.

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