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Helped him out and he went on and on about that, the memorable games, the top quarterbacks he's faced, it was really enlightening and he came prepared to talk and live with the fact that he really hasn't done a press conference anywhere talking about his 17 year outstanding career. And I got to tell you, maybe it's because I haven't seen the wild chefy, but his beard was looking glorious on the zoom that you guys can. We talked about that to feel about it. Everybody go check out the Adam Schefter podcast, a must listen. Weekly, let's keep things moving here to a different quarterback same division, though. Giants quarterback Davis Webb, one of the breaking big blue podcasts, talk about giant turning quarterback Daniel Jones, because big highly enough by the way, Jordan run on, he hosts this podcast. You know, Daniel is a competitive competitive dude that's super smart, just as far as core backup been around. Daniels is the most on. I would on it when it comes to meetings and have an answer as having questions. Especially with a new offense, you know, it's been pretty special to watch to be honest with you. You know, he has a high, high, high ceiling, I think. I think Dave's and che are gonna help him and Mike and I have him reach it. Dan, do you see a high ceiling for Daniel Jones? No, I never have. No one's ever questioned if Daniel Jones had a great work ethic or was incredibly smart. I think the questions have always been can you and will you play as smart as you are? We haven't seen that in the NFL. Will you fix your number one fatal flaw, which is panicking with the football. We haven't seen that in the NFL. And to his defense, the Giants have not done enough to allow him to reach whatever his ceiling is, but his intelligence has never been in question. We got Seahawks Twitter in the house. There's Mena cons, of course, on the show, so they like most days. Noah fan, the new Seahawks tight end spoke highly of joining their style of offense. Here's what he had to say. I like granted this is from just like a month month coming in, but I like the way they use the tight ends. I like the way we get passing concepts down the field. The run game, obviously it's going to be all built off the run game, which is a huge part of the game, and obviously the play action is going to be huge. So it's a very balanced offense, which I like, and it's very favorable to the tight end. So it's nice. Mina, do you like the projection here for this offense? I like the projection for Noah fan, and I think if you listen to what he just said, he basically described as Sean mcvay offense. Of course, Seattle's offensive coordinator, Shane waldron, comes from that tree with the rams, came to the Seahawks last year, wasn't able to run all of those concepts with Russell Wilson and while obviously I do believe there's going to be a downgrade at quarterback. I do think a tight end like no offense will benefit from the schematic of evolution. Yeah, fun player has a lot of untapped potential. How about them? Jaguars? Trevor Lawrence wrote the media after their team OTAs is after to talk about their offensive game plan for this year. It's been really smooth, I think. Everybody's on the same page, which is good. I think the way they built the staff is everyone has a similar, not everyone's going to think the same. Obviously, you need that diversity to be able to put you in the best position to win. But everyone's on the same page and you can tell it's very seamless and also to when people talk, it's not everyone trying to say their opinion, you know, it's kind of people pick and choose and I think they do a good job of communicating beforehand. So when we get into meetings, they kind of know exactly what they're all thinking and they're all on the same page. So I can watch the Jaguars be focused on this off season. One, I like the fact that Trevor said they on the same page because last year they had more pages than the Watergate report. And then the second part is Travis Etienne coming back, right? Like, you think about his report that he had in college. People were super excited about this tandem, getting drafted together. ATN suffered an injury which he wasn't mad about after he saw what surface in Jacksonville Doug Peterson comes in, who is going to use his bags and mature a young quarterback as far as playing the game. I like what Trevor said. Same page. No more drama, like Mary J. Blige. If you had a Watergate reference on your NFL live bingo card, you're in luck. So the eagles made a major splash and training for wide receiver AJ Brown this off season. But Brown has already seen that second year wide out devonte Smith could go from an understudy to an equal running mate very soon. He's a really good ride running, you know? Guys early on in their career, like fresh air, you're too developer, you know, and he can run every round in the route tree. It's just a little few on the things that, you know, of course, we all can get better at and that just keep tuning up our game and keep developing. So I think the sky's the limit for smitty. You know, so I'm excited for you too. I'm excited to still be texting. In my opinion, smithy is a wide receiver for one. And he going against a cornerback number two. Like I expect this meeting to dominate, you know? So just taking pressure off each other and even being on the same side, you know, so you can't really double or, you know, so. That's great having another great wired out beside you. Dan, how does the addition of AJ Brown help devonte Smith in this offense? It helps. Something stood out to me though when AJ Brown was talking when he said that he has every route in the route tree, 'cause I think the eagles offense goes as far outside of Jalen hurts, I get that as far as jaylen or devonta Smith growth this year. I really believe this as a quarterback, when you have a receiver that can run any route out of the route tree, that's when they become a scheme changer. Because that's when defenses have to go, if Devante Smith is over there. And he can run 8 9 different routes out of his split in breakers outbreakers hook ups. That's when you start to see teams go, we gotta double them. We gotta play the corner outside leverage and drop the safety down on the inside leverage. Or we gotta bracket them and have a guy on either side at the same level because that's when you get all those one on one matchup opposite him. And if Devante Smith becomes that I can run whatever route I want right now and win, that's when AJ Brown really starts to dominate. And as a play caller for a guy like Nick Siri and AJ Brown hinted to this in the quote as well guys when he said, if you put us on a same side, now what is the defense do? 'cause if you're Jalen hurts, I'm watching you going, okay, you got to kick everything that way. Then Dallas Goddard gets to eat. Or miles Sanders away. If you put them on the opposite sides, where are you leaning? Maybe Goddard works the middle of the field. So as much as I love AJ Brown and his edition, the big body, if Devante Smith takes that jump in and he becomes that, you know, Antonio Brown type of winner as they come when it comes to route running, you can't stop this offense. I love so much about what Brown said there, Daniel highlighted a few of his comments. But one thing that jumped out to me was calling devonte Smith a number one wide receiver because the reality is when they're both on the field because of the impact that they make on defenses, they are both number ones in a manner speaking. Look, these two from a physical profile are about as different as two wide receivers can get in this league. We're talking red and stimpy. But they share something in common, which is they both are nightmares when singled up. They just use different ways of making that happen, AJ Brown, incredible against press, the size, the physicality, the speed, devonta Smith, the shiftiness, the beautiful releases he has, whatever corner whichever one of those wide receivers get single coverage, it's going to be a problem for opposing defenses, and then you throw in Dallas Goddard, who's a nightmare if you're playing man, suddenly there are a lot of problems for defenses. All right, swagger, you are a resident defender. How much is this trio of smitty and AJ Brown and also Dallas got her scare you? Scared of hell out of me. And look, from an individual standpoint, what Mina and Dan said not to reiterate, you can't cover these. It's a lot of receivers in the league. You can't cover one on one. The difference with these two guys, they're gonna bump their head on the goalposts. AJ brown's gonna.

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