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Of you with Michael Rosenbaum. Rob this this is you don't have to be a fan of sports out a fan of just somewhere severence ceased adversity to the utmost what he was like forty when one of the best tennis players of all time. He can he made a comeback where he talks about media. They made it thirty thirty. He never should have been in the US open. And it is shocking to see what he does in that US open. It is one of the most memorable matches. Even if you don't like tennis. The story is incredible. I mean, the first match people turn off the TV. He was playing Pat McEnroe, John McEnroe's brother and turned it off. Because Pat McEnroe was up like two sets to non and Jimmy came back and then people at three in the morning. There was almost no one there and beat him to advance. And then the story gets even crazier. His mama's idle, his mom and grandmother taught him how to play tennis. He has anger issues. He's one of the most amazing. He was when he was on the original bad, boys. He was the bad boy before Jimmy for John McEnroe. Yeah. For sure this is one of my favorite interviews. Listen to it. Learn you're going to enjoy this Algom creator of smallville. He always says Jimmy Connors is my favorite he walked in there. You had no idea who he was. I mean, you know, he was you didn't know him. And he loved the interviews to check this out. And let's get inside Jimmy Connors. It's my pawn. You're listening to inside of you with Michael Rose. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum was not recorded in front of a live studio audience. First of all, I'm here with tennis. Great Jimmy Connors, my favorite of all time. You are. You are. Thank it. That's pretty cool. And it's the first time, I'm nervous. He could probably hear it. My voice a little bit can used a little just really Jimmy. You can't hear it. No. I fake it pretty well. You're good. Honestly, arguably the best desperate play wherever lip and still alive. And you look great. Well, you know, keeping up with things now is important. You know, and I live by one word Michael discipline, the annot and the older I've gotten since I've gotten away from tennis, and all that I still gotta live by that a little bit along the way so getting up and doing things and taking care of myself. And and you know, trying to stay a bit healthy I've done enough damage over the years. You're telling me there was a time when you weren't disciplined. I can't always always. Yeah. And and that's the word I still live by. So I. Still have to you know from my own head. Right. It'll get up and do something so CD. Oh, terrible. Yeah. Me too. Like, not not not like the lines like walking over lines or cracks not that bad. I was was pretty I covered it up pretty bad. When a pretty easily when I was playing because the tennis, you know in the adrenaline and everything kind of kept me out of it. But you know, even now today I've been out of tennis. You know, almost thirty years. You know, I still have it, you know, but, but you know, I kinda muffled a little bit and get by..

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