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And he goes to him and says, You know what? Richard just doesn't take his craft seriously. He just doesn't work hard. And Stephen, Whose is it? True what Andy said. Like why? And that hurt that hurt you. Come to me is my friend your friend and go, Richie, What's going on with that was any talking shit about you right? And then I would have said Oh, you know what? He's got a problem with me. But, Stephen, you've seen what I've got over the years. What happens we go play the three songs I practice a frigging minute. One thing and he did was take half the money because he said, You guys owe me money because I produced albums for you. Like an outside. Instead of taking a little bit of money. He took 5000 and $20,000 and said to me, point blank. I might as as as my this Italian first respond, the cop once said to me. On my on my father Stone. I love that a friend on my father Stone. And he said, if you mentioned Manitoba's bar my bar for 20 years New York City I'm not playing the shop. And I said Andy It's one of the ways I feed my kid. No, because I want you focused on the music and concentrated I want you for is what you have to understand, Brother this. Let me tell you something. And I told boys just I'll tell everybody's He's a songwriter. He gets songwriters money, he gets publishing money. He doesn't get air rights over the dictator money. He bought the name Dick it So what You could have bought it in decades. That's the only reason that they have the deck chairs. Yeah, By the way, we are. We almost did because he had let it lapse and and it was available and John and I just said knowledge. Don't even worry about it, Not but they're not the dictators. They're only ridiculous because he ran down there and bought the name. That doesn't make the dictators. They take it, But I can't mention And then my can't say at the end of the concert after we play totally after we play. Hey, everybody. You see what Manitoba's for the actor point right? Okay, so no, You can't do that. So what I had was Kim Fowley. Big pussy. Um, all these girls, my ex and all girlfriend show up in Manitoba's bar T shirts. I didn't say a word they said after poison man and you know it. And you know what happens the next day. I want to see a Ramones documentary great movie. Came out my phone range. Still Stephen and he goes. I don't know what the hell you did to get ready. Get in shape, But you were amazing. I said, See you ready? Everything. And he said I did. Yeah, I didn't practice. I didn't take my I didn't do my craft away and he wanted me to do it. I was handsome, big mad and your great Yeah, Yeah, we'll be right back with handsome Dick, Manitoba from the dictators. This is the Mark Capitan Show on K. M. J. Right now, the gap between what you should save and what you can save has.

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