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That was Nick Eubanks sounds confident sounds like he he he's confident in his offense. He as I said, you get a lot from the players if you listen what they say you can tell who starting quarterback edge. You can tell how he feels about certain certain people. So he mean, you get a lot from these players. If you listen, anyway, let's move again. We're gonna move over to the defense aside. Josh Mattel us. Are you from good? I'm good. I ask you just asked on those last two games. How does it motivate you going into this spring and how the defense in those to go? I don't really got too much say about that. But it's one clothing, let the pain suffering be distract, you know, to move forward and get better. So, you know, I just take that every day every laws I've ever had here is motivation and get better motivation. I have another one. So that's how games. You will hear a lot of all they don't have the Bush Kerry just enough names. Tomo what you do have coming together. And how you feel about this divas? I mean, it's college football. And there's always next man. No matter what happens. So, you know, losing big is like Evan. Buster Sean Gary chase when David long as that's the game football. You know, we we have Qatar about who does a great job recruiting bringing guys to step up and get ready to roll get on the train. So we don't have to stop. So, you know, we got a lot of young guys feeling some new roles, but you can tell they been waiting for the waiting for the time, you know, motivated to do better. So that we're gonna time comes they can hit the ball roller which safeties have stepped up in Terry's absence, Jamaa quals and Brad Hawkins doing amazing job. You know, I feel like they've been as long as me.

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