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Weekend with its bicentennial with a full slate of events for pure mayor gloria hansen says fort pierre is where it all started not only for the state but for the upper midwest this is the first bicentennial anything and either south dakota or north dakota this is where it all started back in eighteen seventeen and joseph rondo i decided he wanted to to sell some first in in in trade some first so so in who've been here ever since it is it's an amazing story it's it's incredibly significant to not justice area but the whole state hansen says that a lot of work and beautifying in ford pierre has taken shape leading up to the bicentennial probably began with the with the return home of the depot and and then is so beautifully restored and will always be appreciative of the people who work so hard on that and then of course that gift to fort pierre gary and kind of grittner built at fort volunteer they had their they had said for years people keep asking where's the fort and that's true and so they wanted a fort so that you could point to and say there it is and and now they're doing some major improvements to the original fortunato site in addition to the new new businesses in town and hansen says that ford pierre is looking forward to the next two hundred years we are are are going to be talking about future fort pierre we already have some great ideas and and so we'll just want to get that the whole community together and moving forward in in the same direction and and the momentum is there i'll tell you at there is excitement and there is pride the bicentennial festivities kickoff tonight with the new 2017 documentary about casey tips personal and professional life produced by south dakota native justin keller now the film will be shown at the appearance highschool theater where hansa suggest that if you're plenty to attend it'd be a smart idea to.

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