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The for the first time in person against TCU this year the same game Nick Bosa got hurt in his career was done in college football, and he stepped up his game immensely and talking to him after the game where he forced a fumble for four touchdown at a safety in that game. I mean, he was a wrecking machine after Bosa got hurt and I talked to him afterward about the Bosa injury. And he looked me dead in the eye, and he said fits we just lost the brawn James of our defense. Now the defensive line, but our defense time for me to step up and become Michael, Jordan. And he elevated his game big time as a former as a defensive lineman as general manager. I saw him get better every single week. And when they played Michigan. I mean, they were having a hog tie him. Chris start with you. And then Mike I mean, what did you think of off on Draymond Jones? Because I think he's just starting to touch. How good he can be an the Denver Broncos up. Ain't gotta steal. No. I think they got. To steal two. And you talk about in today's NFL being able to have a defensive linemen that can provide that interior pass rush. I think Jones fits that Bill outside solo the guard side and right there at the three techniques. I think there's tremendous value can develop into one of those guys that can be a sub package guy nickel and dime packages that rush presence that you're looking for the God, Bradley Chubb and von Miller on the outside of that Denver Broncos defense on Jones. You could see him sliding in there to be that defensive tackle, the, no sub packages. Yeah. Would you look at what they've done over the last couple of years? I was they had the great von Miller. He drafted Bradley Chubb out. They draft Raymonde Jones. They also got a quarterback that we'll be talking about here in a second. But for Vic Fangio, and the multiple sort of defense is he likes to play. I really agree with the assessment of both guys where he has great up the feel value. I think it's it's going to be very difficult front for opposing offense to block Dari because who you're gonna double dream on Jones if he singled inside against any guards center, he's going to win most of those battles. That is.

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