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Yeah either way if fingers is the name of these a an old prisoner of the prison that she got in a coma in the whole thing i don't know the pot doesn't matter sh she wakes up it's just so dark just couldn't see anything it's it's a ghost but the what's the twisted ends up not being a ghost actually we do who lives here it does star kate winslet you could've told it could be anybody though you could have been anyone yeah absolutely i mean listen if you watch this movie with headphones on you can sort of get that it's kate winslet with the voice there's no they're casts listed anywhere either i know i think there's other actress in this there's other voices for shared that i i don't think our kate winslet i gotta feeling feeling that they just kind of made this movie in a couple of days in a dark room maybe a tax write off maybe yeah maybe there's a big tax write off i will say that we're a couple of jump scares in there i really got freaked out by some fingers sure yeah this fingers are creepy their gross so again who i don't know who let's those fingers though i don't think those are kate winslet's fingers i don't think he played like unless she played everything everyone been cut everyone implied that she is in a coma and everything's taking place in her head maybe.

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