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Ports was not in a good situation. He says he was getting intimidated every day. Five days a week by the union leader. He was cursed at and threatened if he didn't raise their wages and he wasn't in a position to with a hotel doing so poorly hordes had Appel battles decline but he wasn't going at it alone. The highest corporate office gave back office support hordes got some advice from a Labor lawyer. He literally called me every day to remind me take three steps for ones. Take TWO TREE CORNER. Think and maybe gain one inch. Never be Richard and with your employees keep on being deleted not the manager. The high it also felt horse could use port marketing. Npr But horse struggled to buy into marketing until one lady named Sherry proved him wrong. There wasn't a carpet program marketing program which I didn't like I hit that program and I didn't institute it of course I didn't like it so the corporate office the Vice President Marketing Kim Indotel and applied it himself. He hired a young lady to do this program so consequently I thoroughly disliked her because she was forced on me by carbon copies and issued that Marketing Program. Oria liked it a lot instituted this letter. I've believe told me. And of course everybody from from Carbon Ken to train with her and she was very honorable person. She was extremely successful. She became salesperson of the company. Number one in the company and so I started to respect her a lot little too. He know how important it would be to have marketing on his side. How the Union wirt and went on strikes was unpredictable horse recalls. What happened on Christmas Day in Nineteen seventy-six is hard to believe today? This sounds like a fairytale was ridiculous. Hired philosophy was the Christmas. Every employee gets a gift over Turkey. Christmas be started giving Turkeys. Guess what this stopped us? The Union stop doubts. He said you cannot prescribe our people and they went on strike. And then what? How did you respond as general man a cinnamon chip in front distract me a few times but the first time they struck as we've been immediately outside it was very very cold and afternoon late afternoon? Vary call so we've been right outside served hot SIDA and hot tea for the employees and and sweet rolls it so long because frankly a new TV crews would come the TV crews. Kim said well what you're doing serving your employees even Dole misunderstanding. There still my. My employer is eleven and of course every new ship and and at the time in suffice it to say to hotel became extremely successful so it was at thirty percents off bridge occupancy before you joined what was the occupancy after you eighty percent and the average rate tripled. Tonelli it was it was a major success and of course I was consequently promoted up until this point Horst Hustle to get to where he was and gave up a lot to pursue excellence at work. He moved to where the opportunities were to get experience working in different countries different states and work cultures. He used his vacation days for education. He solved problems for the company like they were his own. He even rejected a dream job to gain more skills and after three years in Pittsburgh horse was promoted to go to Detroit but he wanted to take someone with him. Remember the young lady from marketing. And I've worked with him over two years and I must be crazy so I asked for date and she said Oh my goodness be back. Good friends why do I have to do that to me? How can you destroy our friendship? She she kept on saying knowns and finding a center Sherry. I understand that. But one dave when you're old and create you will remember this moment and I know you believe credits. And and and ask it against alright monitoring Greek on the hands and done and eight months later. We were married now. I totally love and buy in and still had forty one years of successful marriage in. I'm excited to go wrong this afternoon. I'm in autism. GonNa get excited and I tell you right now. Drive into my home like every day. I will thank God for my wife. For Horst. Meeting Sherry changed his life. He says he was in previous failed relationships but something about Sherri stood out. Sheri's pursuit of excellence at work didn't just stemmed from herself but from genuine faith in God this would eventually give horse the anchor he needed to make major decisions later on in life for Horst. He saw how seeing everything in life as a decision allowed him to commit to excellence. Raise everything and live and people don't seem to get everything is decision this man even if you believe in God on on. It's a decision. Doug decision may evolve so and I have a very good friend who is a route. It is proud of it as me while you don't know if this got are not and you can prove it and I said you can prove that there isn't so in other words is a decision. I made the decision for WHO and you my friend methods -sition Gillen's hope and the longer. I made a decision by the way. The more no mega right decision. Going away from everything in life even if you if you love your job on not is a decision but you have to repeat your decision. Every day I make a decision every owning excellence. And did you enjoy it that you will enjoy the people that your workmates? And it doesn't matter if they deserve it on. That's not an issue. Lovin mega decision to enjoy to beauty. And what isn't the AVERBUKH and don't go to work tomorrow. Go to work to be excellent for Tartus created purpose for yourself the Bible even says people will perish without purpose. So why? Don't you see the purpose in Harare if the company don't give it to you and that's what they mean? Companies have to give to employees and now just and but if they give it to. You captured you south. You're in charge..

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