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Cool and breezy with highs in the sixties. This report is brought to you by 12 Hour Musa necks from the Southern California Toyota Dealers. Traffic Center. We make it easy. We're taking a look at your drive on the five Have North found in Silmara right before the 2 10 crashed there in the three left lanes. Traffic at a standstill back from the 405. Also in Fountain Valley, this 14 or five South bound just before Magnolia. Crash there blocking too. Right lanes. Traffic just jammed up back from Bolsa Avenue K if I in the sky sponsored by injury, attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Ball looking at a trouble spot on the four or five on the West side, you betcha. Well, but but a good news Now, boy, the four or five really pops up in our traffic reports. Lot done it, but this was North found four or five past sunset at the Braga Unwrap had a couple lanes blocked. There was a Carter went under the box of a rig, but it cleared very, very quickly. All lines are open. Now it's a little so from will shred this point. My eyes will stick with their free way. You'll be okay into the San Fernando Valley. Now the one we're back over now is the South found one of one at the Western. That's just out. Of Sunset Boulevard. There's been working since pre dawn, actually where the to write lines for block and the backup now. Well, it's still holding a little bit self of vine, so not too bad. And indeed, once you get past this and pretty easy drive all the way down to the four level, it's into the San Fernando Valley for us more coming up. Injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com JEF Boeke a F I and the sky This report is sponsored by UnitedHealthcare KF Eye in the Sky Hopes Get You there Faster! I will Kohlschreiber UnitedHealthcare Medicare advantage plans come with a lot to take advantage of is that advantage wow dot com To learn more. That's advantage..

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