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Right and he explained that the fact the question was about before the fact regulation at the fcc versus after the fact regulation at the ftc in his argument was that the more careful targeted scalpel so to speak of ftc enforcement is appropriate that is the best way to ensure that any competitive conduct is deterred and to make sure that companies have the strongest possible incentive to deploy infrastructure and as he put it the preemptive regulation that the fcc might seem appealing but it has very serious unintended consequences when you preemptively declare every single company united states monopolised and regulate them like a slowmoving utility unsurprisingly a slowmoving utility and an oligopoly in some markets is what you're going to get and so i think that the ftc enforcement is about much better way the scalpel of the ftc as opposed to the sledgehammer at the fcc so but even if some regulations go away to make it easier for new competition to enter the bradman market starting in ifp is still breathtaking only expensive and difficult how long might it be before consumers benefit from increased competition while two different points i think of the these have hinted regulations make that business case even more difficult in so takes us in the opposite direction of getting more competition secondly if you look at a lot of the initiatives we've engaged in over the past year in terms of directing federal subsidies to unserved areas to modernizing our rules to get consumers from copper to fiber those are initiatives that are actively underway and i would say in the coming here as we are going to see massive investments in infrastructure not just as a result of this uh of these internet regulations being removed but because of those initiatives and over time consumers will see the bang for the buck and when it comes to broadband deployment what are the regulations what what is the biggest thing holding back ice peace right now i think the biggest thing is simply the regulatory barriers that stand in the way of broadband deployment for example if you want to lay fiber over a federal.

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