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Very regularly and one of the things I really like about your show is your bumper music. I think you have a fantastically curated selection of bumper music. And I know a lot of that comes from stuff that you grew up listening to the O s O. I try when you come on. I've always tried to find some bumper music that fits. The theme of what you use on your show? Because I was I like our guests to be happy. And what was that song she played? I don't know. I forgot. I forgot the name That was just random bumper. Everything. Yeah. John wanted me to call you, Andy. All segment to bug you and Now I'm going to do it because you only know what the theme song Wasit was. A song called Banquet was just one of our normal rotating bumpers that pops and usually I schedule like specific one for your segment. I neglected to do that this time, But you always give Sam the credit which I'm more than happy to let her have because being great being a cute young blonde. She doesn't get enough attention and no life. Why would you believe Drew over me? Well, what first hey, just called cute. Publicly. Okay, adorable If I do that, I'm down the hall in HR For like, 30 minutes. Wedding my 20th season calling Vikings football. I'm just playing now. Mondays Mondays. I'm here whenever you need me, But I understand Vikings. Football is a little more polarizing than some of the other sports not only in this region but period. Professionally speaking, however, do remember and I would never lay out bits for a Highly successful widely touted show like yours. But remember Minnesota Wild training camp begins today at 11 40 on my radio show is Zach Parisi number 11 favorite player and your show is his favorite show on all of radio. And I've known Zach a decade and a half, so it ain't mine. It's yours s O Just remember. We have Zach on is what you're saying. So why don't know? Yeah. I mean, that would really go over super well for Zach jumping on the radio saying Who out there showers with masks. I want to talk to you. That'd be great. You know, just like cousin speaking. Her cousin speaking from the heart when he said You may not understand what I'm saying. But I don't care if I get go of it. And And if I die? What Kirk man straight from the Gospel was If he dies, he's going to heaven. That's what that's what he met. He's comfortable it right. And but a lot of people weren't and I understood. You know some some standpoints, but man That that Parisi wild thing for you guys. What if they're really good? And like Parisi is and every Monday guest for you, you sell it. You call Sam? Cute ballots in the river. I mean, that sounds like an unbelievable 2021 win. I want to call a nautical. I think I'm using this term correctly. Okay? Since he since he invoked the name of God, I wanted to share. This is an audio clip that we played last hour. Paul Owen. So this was the start of the 117th congress. Right? There was a representative Missouri pastor and representative and this is how it This is how he opened Congress ready. We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God. Uh huh. And God, known by many names, but many different faiths. Hey, man. That a woman? What? What? What? What a man and a woman, he concluded, was by saying Amen. Oh, but then he threw in a woman. It would be man. That a woman has got to be inclusive. Right? Amen. My friend. I mean, so he's a pastor and a politician represented. Added Representative Yeah, Any woman. A man and a woman are all that man. That sounds that is definitely taking on a lot. Right. There we are. We finished seven and 9 30 minutes. The Minnesota Vikings offense, Woz. Let's see. I've called games for them for 19 years. 2004 Dante Culpepper almost won m v P with 39 TDs. Randy Moss was on that team. They beat Green Bay in the playoffs. 2009 best offense I've ever been associated with calling Vikings games. Brett Far. Percy Harvin, Adrian Sidney Rice defense was good, and we've had some, like 2017 the miracle year we had a good offense, but it was orchestrated by a backup in case Keenum. Lost. Alvin Cook is rookie year in the fourth game. So the work then offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur did with that offense to get to the NFC title game was fantastic, but that offense is not as good as what I witnessed this season. And you know, we we've we've specifically Andrew and I, we We've gone back and forth about Zimmer and the defense and expectations and some very good conversations in my opinion. The Minnesota Vikings offense this year came through pretty much every step of the way. So with the coordinator Gary Kubiak on my radio show today at 11 30 by the way, and I just taped it with him. It's about a 15 minute chat. And when you get a four time Super Bowl champion has been to seven to open veins about things he likes and things that bug him and he's done it 30 years and looking at players and how they handled themselves today compared to the past. That it was very eye opening or ears opening to me, because it's radio and with Gary Man, I mean cousins through the second most touchdown passes in history of the team. Justin Jefferson is nose the nose with Justin Herbert for the Chargers to be Rookie of the year. Dalvin Cook at nearly 2000 scrimmage yards, thean interior of your offensive line..

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