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Thanks to bear bottle, first and foremost Sabeer. So they always get top. Steve Young Steve Young was good. Greg Cosell was on before Greg. Good. It was it was it was it was so good. We forgot it. Chad millman, Chad. As I said the action sports network. What is wrong? He's been on like fifty five times totally totally booth to that one do and I think I think that was too much. Macadamia nuts. Macadamia nut be careful. Guys. Macadamia nuts one serving nine hundred sixty two. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Calories for serving that. Really good. Might be worth any says Nelson. He doesn't have to worry about them. I'll get on really. What is your net of choice? Hey now. Yes, you. Yeah. Yeah. Shelled pistachio. Can you? Kim. Love cashew overall, walnuts almonds, no ominous. But it's got like not all almonds or great piece, MRs diamond blue diamond almonds now we're in Brazilian where you going where you going. What's hot stove by bet? Dammit. Oh, you gotta guests at seven fifteen. Until seven fifteen. It's all good. Yeah. We screwed it up. Take it away. Dirk. And they're.

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