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United states and europe with respect to its entry into the global economy and we then had a president name ray tam who is uh from hawaii and he reached out went into china establish some relationships and over the years kayla a program pursuant to which we bring ten to twelve lawyers from the people's republic of china over to the us we spend they spent a week used to be in honolulu now it's in san jose california and they hear from fellows of the academy lawyers members of the academy who come and explain in various aspects of our constitutional system and and and our actual working justice systems than they actually go in live for two weeks with families of the academy um i know tom has my wife and i and our kids have had and when and we've had five young lawyers over a period of time that have come and live with us they become i know tom feels a semi extended members of the gerardy or the matthews family and it's been going on for twenty one told lay we don't associate lawyers with china no we don't i gotta i gotta tell you you a story this a true story this so about fourteen years ago i was assigned one of these young people and he decided he would call himself lincoln that was really his name there but he wandered a you know a nickname an addict right right so he spent the summer with us and and i brought him to international kaddoumi of bans he met a bunch of members of the academy and so forth and then last year can i have talked to him for probably seven or eight years and last year i got a call and it was from lincoln said he was going to be in los angeles he would love to have lunch and you'd like to bring his wife and so forth first it will be wonderful so he did win over there we were at and john morton's hand he pulls out a true story he pulls out of chinese paper and of course i can't read chinese but he said i'll translate it for you and it was.

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