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I find that in a crisis the thing to do is to look to people who you can respect so it's people who are beloved look to people who know better than I do and that's why in any crisis the person I love to is Dan rather Dan rather is on with Brian Stelter on CNN and he's got the good advice for what journalists should do television anchors and other media leaders should be handling this moment well first of all to do our job which is to get the facts reporter for any of the facts as possible connect the facts and I'm going to say until and unless he proves differently to pay far less attention to president trump I really regret having to set that but he's he's not going to come to anybody's rescue actually realize that the better off with Dan rather is a guy who lied about George Bush and his Texas air national guard service he lied there's no equivocating he lied he's an untrustworthy person and listen how Brian Stelter responds and obviously until and unless he proves differently to pay far less attention to president trump having to regret regret regret she well yes you said something very inquisitive there Dan rather I will agree by going I'd not considered such a proposal you are so wise our reliable sources is the name of the show series I'm what is this idea that you shouldn't listen to the president and I say she shouldn't listen to what he has to say and he's not the only one doing this not the only one doing this you've got a writers or The Washington Post saying do not listen to Donald Trump governor prince your billing only referring to was a racist his conduct on American tell him to get out of the way because this is what you're saying I've had to call and get my own masks and gowns and yeah yeah you do yeah we should really get into this defense production act conversation and where some people are really missing the mark the people who said trump was a dictator now one trump to actually.

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