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His presidential campaign to Queensbridge park in Long Island City yesterday afternoon and despite having a permit for twenty thousand people had to turn people away at the gates we are always survey hello and university to where we he was introduced by representative Alexandria cost you Cortez who formally endorsed him at the rally his first major appearance and suffering a heart attack on October first and he reassured the crowd that he was more than ready to assume the office of president of the United States how township police chief Andrew could Rick says an officer shot and killed a man who advanced toward him holding a bladed object refusing commands to stop Friday night in Farmingdale chief could Rick said the officer responded to a nine one one call about a stabbing and was immediately confronted by the armed suspect after the man refused to drop his weapon the officer fired multiple rounds defend himself and several other involved parties according to the chief the officer was not injured but was taken to a hospital for trauma the Attorney General shooting response team is investigating the incident with one islands water supply showing contaminants in several locations local officials are looking into the idea of shipping and water from New York City our Mike Sugerman as more Long Island water which comes from the ground has some potential cancer causer is emerging in it we've also been using our aquifer probably more than we should and it's suffering from over use which is why state senator Todd Kaminski of Long Beach is proposing a study let's bring in water from upstate the currently goes to New York City I'm of New York City says they want to be involved I think instead of everybody you know being territorial we should figure out what the best way to get long islanders clean water at a cheap price would be and I'm interested in studying that would cost a lot there's new pipes new infrastructure but the cost of cleaning the current supply will cost plenty to system made a half a billion dollars that would double or triple rates Mike Sugerman WCBS newsradio eight eighty Suffolk County police officers with the help of some good Samaritans on the scene rescue eighty five year old Phillip levy of novel from his burning car after crash last night into a guard rail on Walt Whitman wrote your spruce tree lane and south Huntington levy was taken to plain view hospital for treatment of non life threatening injuries there were no other injuries reported from the scene an Upper West Side robbery leaves a woman with a fractured face that's coming up in three minutes WCBS news time coming up on two oh seven.

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