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A relationship that women's wear daily perhaps a little harshly called one of mutual exploitation. We could also just go win win yanni. That's a little harsh. And this article. Featured a number of top olympic athletes including five time olympian swimmer missy franklin whose photographed in a swimsuit by none other than her sponsors beato with whom she was about to launch her very own line of swimsuits. Now when win and speed is still in arguably the number one choice for olympic swimmers that the most decorated athlete in olympic history. Michael phelps war. Speedo his epic twenty two olympic gold. Cross the two thousand four two thousand eight and twenty twelve games. He has twenty eight metals and total. Well this kind of speaks to the incredible success of the brand which has really been at the forefront of swimwear innovation since day one of the modern olympic games. Because we've talked about speeders contributions to swim wear spanning all the way back to the nineteen twenties when they produce their groundbreaking non wool razorback swimsuit. Which took claire denis to olympic gold in nineteen thirty two and. I just want to point out and point back to that episode that she was almost disqualified from this because her suit showed too much shoulder blade and that is not the last speedo controversy. We will have no so moving into the nineteen fifties up began using nylon and their swimsuits producing nylon alasdair swimsuits. By the nine thousand. Nine hundred seventy s and these really changed the game by making swimwear way more water resistant. There are other fabric. Innovations include introducing the world's first chlorine resistant fabric called endurance. And that was in one thousand nine hundred four. And then their power plus fabric which is apparently fifty percent lighter than traditional swim fabrics so they just keep innovating innovating and then they have this blocked the burn fabrics which is basically a sunscreen protecting wears from ninety percent of the sun's harmful rate. So i think. I definitely need to get my hands on that. Yes then there's also the fast. Skin family of elite speedo swimsuits which company tout's as having been quote recognized by the smithsonian institute for advanced technology and other innovations That speedo sites include quote.

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