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Win number eight in a row four different goalscorers plus Carter Hart between the pipes for twenty eight saves natural so but I mean you're right it always seems to matter and it's going to take things one day at a time and tonight we came out hard and put a really good effort fly guys now tied for the metro division lead with Washington Capitals got clipped by the Rangers six five in overtime make as a manager at scored five goals including the winner just thirty three seconds and O. T. that ties the franchise record the last time anybody in the NHL had five goals in a game including the decisive score in Otey was nineteen ninety six Sir get better off of the red wings he did it against the capitals to Alex of evidence were twice in period three tied the game both times he ties David Pasternak to the Bruins for the league lead with forty seven goals Bruins at the Panthers to one in overtime Torey Krug had the winner thank was very the Sabres for two lightning shut out the Canadians for nothing predators like the stars to nil kings over the maple Leafs one nothing in a shootout senators as the islanders fourth three New York has lost five straight Blackhawks held off the Oilers for three in the wild got by the sharks three to Minnesota's won six in a row soccer U. S. women's national team in the she believes got the shutout England to mill in Orlando last night Kristen present Carly Lloyd scored less than three minutes apart early in the second half World Cup champions outshot England twenty three to eight the other match all Spain top Japan three one U. S. takes on Spain Sunday in Harrison New Jersey that's funny sports at seven till when we return on America and the more meet a ninety seven year old law enforcer coming up after these messages.

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