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Been working now before her disappearance her family said she had told them she was being sexually harassed on bass local police and the FBI have been helping with the search we have some clearing the twentieth stalled car in garden Grove on the twenty two eastbound at magnolia is certainly clear from the second lane from the left until that does though your drive's gonna be affected from about beach Boulevard Santa Ana self fifty five for Carter at the wreck of the right shoulder of the macarthur Boulevard on ramp you can see it from the main line so you're going to slow down just a tad to see what's going on KFI this guy's sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyers dot com just bought with an update on the tense more than a tad of slowing here now this is not this could ruin your morning the problem is west tenet Fremont now it's going to all have but just before you get to the seven ten originally we recorded as debris but it seems that the road service started coming apart there so bottom line the two right lanes are now blocked and the backup well it's going through walnut Grove it'll be back to Rosie before you know it now if you're in the the Rosemead area simply is westbound valley Boulevard is still in fine shape you take it all away the seven ten and reenter the west and if you must but that's the way to go right now they're a long time delays there and also on Long Beach dot be careful north seven ten dot com just north of the four oh five reportedly someone went right off the freeway down the embankment so they're looking for car and driver right now but the seven ten itself still in pretty good shape all up to the I. five injured in an accident is a terrible woman super lord dot com Jeff Pollard K. F. by in the sky can't find this guy helps get you there faster a robin banks the NBA is issued their health and safety protocol as they head toward a return to play the document it's a hundred and eighteen pages.

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