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The I heart radio app. Well, the puzzle continues over reopening schools. In California specifically talked about today. Was the Los Angeles Unified School District Elementary schools. The superintendent is Austin Butin er. He said that they if they've actually 25,000 teachers and staff They could reopen the elementary schools that would be about 250,000 students. I thought, the teacher said, they have to have the students vaccinated. Yeah, the teachers unions a little different from Butte nurse, so that's what Joe Buscaino said on Friday. We saw some of their tweets the L A. T. A Is the teachers. Your utility utilities will stands. Angelus is the teacher's union. And they acted like that isn't even good enough because if the kids are unvaccinated to that, still whisky, what's beauty are talking about? You know, he and Garcetti or both Feeble and flash said What kind of God? What kind of men are these? You got hundreds of thousands of kids who aren't getting educated. 80% of them are poor. What are you doing? You're the two leaders here. I don't know this now he makes it. It's even more complicated because they're claiming that the state guidelines don't allow them to re open. Based on the transmission rates and most of the school district's neighborhoods. So where, and then Newsome's constantly talking about how we need to get the school's re opened. Well, you could change the requirements on that. Then they're all then they're all Yes. Sing us here. We're all looking for cover by pointing to somebody else. That's what it says. What is it? Well because they don't take money from the damn teachers union. Our city's bent over for the teachers union. Um Newsome is Oh, they all get money from the union. They're all afraid. God, They're so pathetic. They're so sad. They're like, beat little puppies. They don't want a union leader to be mad at him. I never realized how frightened Newsome, Garcetti, Austin Butin ER He's not even elected beauty her, but the three of them are frightened little puppies that the teachers unit's gonna get mad to the right thing. You got 600,000 kids at a school. What's wrong with you? I'm gonna open up in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, The mayors and all three cities finally said enough of this. And the teachers were given in They're claiming that those cities have lower rates of cove. It Be asked Nonsense. The rates of Cove it don't matter. Look at the science. Children do not do not spread the virus very well. It's very weak. Look, there's a study out from the Carolinas. We went through it the other day. I just heard it discussed on the news peer reviewed study in a major medical journal. It's not the only one there. Several of these There's there's zero cases in this study zero of a teacher getting the virus from a student. Zero. Like it doesn't happen. It never happened in these studies, and they looked at tens of thousands of students. Transmission is too weak and the Children don't even get many symptoms, even if they have it. So it's It's a cover story. They don't want to work. They don't want to work. There are schools open up all over the country. None of the teachers of getting the virus from the kids. Which means it's already been proven. So what's your next? Excuse? Why don't you tell the truth? The teachers don't wanna work They bought off Garcetti. They bought off Do some. They bought off the Legislature, and all of them are a bunch of silly little Fools who are afraid that some a loud mouth union leaders going to yell at them. Why are they pathetic? This is the saddest, saddest performance by California politicians. Sadist. They won't even stand up for eight year olds. They already have a waiver situation where you're allowed to reopen the schools for special needs students. And that wouldn't even be 25% of capacity. They could pull that one. They're allowed to do that. They're not even doing that. Don't anybody is hurting from this special needs students? How much can they get out of existence like they don't care. All Newsome cares about is getting the next check for the next time he runs for something. Same thing for Garcetti. Member. The two of them want to keep running for office They still want, you know, 56 figure checks to their campaigns to their fake nonprofits to their special political action committees to support one proposition or another. Money, they can hand the other candidates. All these guys have multiple funds that unions are arm twisted into giving, too, but in return You cannot ever challenge any other demands. And the teachers don't want to work. I don't want to hear from a single teacher. Do not email us. They're called a well, You're wrong. I wanna work. Good. Well, I'm told the press conference and take down your union show some courage. Wide. Where's Garcetti hiding? Where is he right now? Is he under under his bed? Is he in the basement shivering. Team doing? How can How can a grown man be that weak and that frightened Beauty, her too. And Newsome, the three of them, It's like a third three headed monster. Of feebleness and ineffectiveness. All right. We got more coming up. John and Ken Ko Phi Deborah Marquez. A.

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