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8 57 mark in the second quarter was when Nicole Yokich got his first basket and he ended up with 36 points. In a close out game on the road. Without Jamal Murray without Will Barton. Bringing along a young but talented Michael Porter Jr. Austin Rivers. You know, I am so jealous of Paul Klay. Because he came on this show yesterday, and he had the perfect analogy. Nicola Yokich is Peyton Manning like In this regard. That you can't help but be a better player. Playing next to him. Think of all the careers that Peyton Manning has made. Austin Collie was the thing for a while in Indianapolis. Think about all the No name wide receivers, and I'm not including obviously like Reggie Wayne or Marvin Hair Center, even into Maria's Thomas. Those guys are quality and And Nicole Yokich has quality around them. They don't win this series if they're not quality players around him, But there are guys That can't help but elevate their game. Just because they play next to this guy. Here's Michael Malone. On Nicole Yokich. Stuff in the car was surprised me, Uh, Nicole's man, Incredible. But for many years now, and I think in a full wins in the series, the average stories 6 37 points per game. Probably close to 10 rebounds and probably close to six or seven assists. And that's why I used to pick cut M v P because you can take any of them from anybody away from our team. But we have no koa. You could put me, Weston said. Ryan Bowen, Charles fast, David. Robbie want out there? We're gonna find a way to compete because that's the greatest Now Michael Malone did add that that might have been a tad of an exaggeration. To say that the Nuggets assistant coaches can play next to Nicole Leo Kitchen. They, uh they would be a force to be reckoned with. But that's not because That's overrating Nicole Yokich, his talents. It's just overrating. How much game that Nuggets assistant coaches have left. He will It be the M V p And he will not receive his M V P award in a hallway he will be receiving his M V P award, perhaps a week from today. The schedule is out for this series against Phoenix. Game one will be Monday night. Those of you who are not fans of late starts will be displeased by the schedule. But also not surprised. It will be an eight o'clock tip off Monday night. Game one in Phoenix. Wednesday will be Game two in Phoenix and then Friday a week from today will be Game three. In Denver and Nicole Yokich more than likely will be awarded the M V P before Game three. And he will deserve it. And I Said that you know, with Philipp Grubauer the other night for the Colorado Avalanche. These are regular season awards. What they're doing. The playoffs has no impact on whether They deserve. The M V P Or in group hours Case, the Vezina Trophy. Um Whether they were great or terrible. Doesn't affect it. It's a regular these these a regular season awards. What performances like Grubauer had the other night and what Nicole Yokich has had, uh every game except Game four. Fortify. The belief they affirm your beliefs that they deserve. These awards. And I made this comparison. Last. I think it was last week or maybe the beginning of this week. The Nuggets. Kind of the island of misfit toys. Kind of our Austin Rivers was unemployed. Michael Porter Jr was dubbed Even though no one doubted his talent. Nobody wanted to draft him because they were worried that he wouldn't see the court ever. Monte Morris second round pick. Baku compose. Oh, 30 year old rookie. Lot of teams didn't want these pieces. That around Nicole Leo Kage and a lot of people didn't want Nicole Yokich didn't know about Nicola Jokic. He is kind of the king of the misfits, and he has turned himself into The M V P surely. But Arguably the best player in the world. Any further solidified his case with his performance in this series against Portland, and he'll have another chance. To further fortify His M V P status. And any other status. You want to give him. Because He's on to the next round. Unbelievable. And I know Michael alone. Said there that hardly anything surprises him anymore about Nicole Yokich. I still At times. And blown away. By what Nicole Yokich can do on a basketball court. And how dominant he could be. Think about how Feeble. The attempts of Portland were to stifle him. Unbelievable. 522987 to continue to take your thoughts on the Nuggets. Wrapping up the series in six games. Of course, Um The Sun's coming up on Monday. I do want to get out my early Belief. Around this series, and we'll do that in a little bit. But coming up next, we're right back. To the other Krockey own team, The Colorado Avalanche. Game three in Vegas is tonight. Way Do you hear Who? Vegas, not Vegas. Golden Knights Vegas, The Gambling into T. Thinks is the favorite for.

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