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We five three days we should keep track of this I mean I don't want these days we go well I think what I mean what do they call this in bowling five in a row it's not turkeys at three five offensive to see like but I think really uninspired today but before we get to rant we're going to establish the rules of the throw back alive we're gonna play fine vintage pop culture audio clips the first to identify three correctly wins the throwback life and calling a Bradley buzzing by yelling out they're going we're revisiting yesterday by doing more first thing you've ever done and if if that I'm gonna see Toni Braxton for anyone I don't know or who is and what was the other one this week that we I don't know how we have we have not won a darn thing and you might win today more best new artist yesterday of the girl well I didn't expect the dumpster fire that was all three have you exalting Bradley and Donnie I mean tiny should feel offense especially shame because I know that he was a DJ during the mid nineties I know he played that Toni Braxton three of us Toni Braxton was a man so barring group and that's actually not just one of many men to fill those shoes a man that was rough she wasn't with me okay odds are pretty good to us alright here we are again five more best new artist Grammy winner nine okay I want you man serve Albert actually when it's what no he didn't win best new artist thank you loss but this did tell me their name clean that's Marc Cohn my god how do you know that walking in Memphis I simply.

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