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Absolutely and i think that when i started doing surveys i tend to just you know take the photograph and it was kind of outside of the the context of the place and the lives of the people of that community so really tried to incorporate sort of a documentary approach using place based digital storytelling as a method to relate the story of the lincoln highway two travelers today that was really my goal all right let's get back on the lincoln highway our next stop is a motel in rock springs spain's mantell norman and irma gillespie owned the springs motel on the eastern end of rock springs rebuilt it in nineteen sixty eight i'm normally ingloriously well i picked the name because it's rock springs we'd be living this the the end the town could on the other end they didn't have very much but then the last couple of years they built the hampton and all the big motel i the motel business along the lincoln highway has drastically changed since the nineteen sixties and travelers now require a different kind of accommodation at the springs there are no flat screen tv's are wi fi but the rooms are spotless return guests donald roberti describes his as cozy nice quiet made nobody bothered well we'll get rowdy company used to stay here and they still and they're not working here as much as the you stupid when they come through the only stop here but not that much work here the oil feel has gone up to the dakotas and and there just isn't you know oh yeah i get tourists the last year with real good this year was quite slow everything went to hell on highway there because you get your kids in the car and stop philip through guests at cost you fifty books you go in a restaurant cost you another fifty and if they have to stop two or three times they got a hell of an investment in really i made he stick in my husband's eighty six and well tell you we're getting too old for this and she isn't too well so we had young girls helping us rent the rooms and everything in now nobody wants to do that kind of work i don't ask me why because i.

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