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I actually don't really know that but there are a lot of Russian people creed and Keping don't really know source of not confirmed. It's like saying like Oh silicon valley is like doing this so it must be nest. It's like no that's just where some of that technology is being being like the likelihood of that technology being built there is high. There's a lot of people in Russia who are working on this type of technology. <hes> I sound like I'm you know I'm trying to be like whatever I guess they already have. Your information is what I'm saying thank you that's that's. That's what I'm saying well. They have ever like what you think. They didn't already have this they have you're. You're horny fantastic already. They have your self easier more. They have your news. They have your crowd them flower. I have a saying I was of. You know. I'm in Seattle. I'm visiting Josh's mom and you know she's a mom and watches the nightly news she was like the rents have our information. We'll mobilink the local news every just kept being thing like the Russians have your thing that was on the today show on the local news. It was on the Lester Holt News and I was just like you see all them talking about this more than they ever talked about like the molar report. This is getting them up in arms perfectly. There's no there's no more there's no better collaborative R._V.'s then the the new generation being ruined by their own vanity where all making ourselves look old were so curious what it looks like more old that we give our information to the government like willingly and it's like Black Mirror and we fucking love it of course of course I loved seeing my old ass. I looked you took a by your sent them my face oldest hill. Oh Yeah I said all of our friends faces now they know now they know a great idea bobby what roll up somewhere outside at summer sit down with your friends. I know you're GonNa say you love. This order. Plus mates get delivery to the Park Police Department so the park. I mean obviously yeah. That's what what I'm saying. It's just like I'm trying to make this a summertime good idea for you. You don't WanNa hate about summer too. Hot can't Cook do not use your oven. Do Not make your apartment hotter than it needs to be. Just order post mates post mates. Is your personal food delivery..

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