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And the unique backdrop of Bethpage Black beginning tomorrow about thirty something miles from where our studio is seventy five hundred yards roughly, not the green just a real everything that you can ask for in terms of golfing challenge. And Nick Faldo's gonna actually gives a buzz. He's on the course now to try to find some good reception and the great, sir. Nick, six time champion major three three masters three open championships. I was doing a little research. Okay. Think you'll like this teak? Then this one thing I certainly want to ask Nick because I don't know how it's gonna play not so much with the wetness. That's yeah. Bill tells us right away. But the last five PG winters. All right. Kept going into sending order. Get good. Justin Thomas Jimmy Walker bolt as role right right in jersey Jason day and Woori are back in two thousand fourteen worry shot might have sixteen. The average score of the last grant the different time of the year. But still the the winning score for the PGA championship was to the average was two sixty eight the average of those five right now went back and two thousand two when tiger one he shot minus three and in two thousand nine that was Lucas Glover at Bethpage. They're winning scores were tiger was to seventy seven and Lucas Glover was to seventy six now I bring this up because historically the PGA championship has always been far less punitive than US open. Which is what was the only two major events outside of the FedEx, and the Barclays that have been at Bethpage. Do we see something that more resembles the winning score average to sixty eight in the five? Previous PGA's or the two seventy six and a half that has represented the less to events and Beth Pam to go with the latter. Which is obviously a higher score or more Kintu to what you're going to see a US, Open's tough courses. A Long Island is the tourist leave hilly rough and Nick Faldo cintoss a little bit more about it. But the especially with all the rain, and whether that means soggy, nece, slow, down, greens, etc. And less length or growth because supposed to be sunny for the next couple. We'll see. Okay. You said Nick Faldo, the great, sir. Nick FAO, those with us here on Tiki and Tierney lead analyst for CBS, of course, partners up with a great gymnast. And he's out there at Bethpage Cerdic. Welcome back to the show. How you've been buddy? Can you tell you a volume up guys I need you to be bit louder? We'll take care of that. We'll boosted. How's that Nick's a little bit better for you? Give yourself a good post. Post in key Posten, Nick is Ed or no one on again. I don't know if that Nikki you want actually try to call those back because I'm being told there's nothing. I got you. Now. I believe I can hear you. Okay. We'll try which audiences if they match. Okay. Okay. Did he say anything really eroneous will just chalk it up to you not being able to hear us? And we'll we'll get out bailout. Let's start with this. I don't know that we need to devote a ton of time to this. But you're a man of fitness. We know that you're all into keeping yourself fit six majors. I would imagine that Nick Faldo has an issue with John Daly getting a card. Let's we all love John. You know, he's, but but fundamentally you have to have an issue at this. Right. Yeah. Did nothing to do with it. It's I say walking integral pod plane professional Gulf leave that simple as that. Yeah. And it's not easy out. There at Bethpage. Because there's no you're not supposed to be on a card ever at Bethpage. He got to walk just a hack showing up on a weekend. So that's that's that's actually the interesting thing. The good. Oh, go get wake up at three in the morning and coming. Do they have to walk? Yeah. So. Yeah. That's it's quite he's he's managed to find quite an exception. The loophole in the the. Yeah, I reason I say that is because there's no cart pass. And so there's going to be places where he's going to have to walk. You know, just to get to where he's gotta go. It will get you know, a little bit of that later as the week goes on. But what's the course like it's been raining for the last three or so days, it feels like it should be soggy. But what can you tell us from actually being out there? No, the the drain amazing this phony adapt. So that you find in that sense. They you know inside the roaches. Fantastic preparation is amazing considering had growth from grouse about a month, and coaches Abreu. I think that's the only would you know about these full over five hundred. Yeah. And you touch the rough you'd better be ready small in what you do in all layup, and then continue but other than the funny thing. Review is is the guys would actually say, oh, wow. You manage to reach that green? Oh, wow. That's amazing. Why it my rescue? Wow. You've reached agreement rescue. It's not like the normal token. Somebody driving a nine to five fol now. Oh, wow. You manage to reach the green. So I thought that was funny. That's going to be fun for us. We like to see golfers struggle little bit because it makes us feel a little bit better. That's Sirnak Faldo six time major winner. He's got three masters three opens with a series at Bethpage right now on Tiki and Tierney. You know, when you talk about these these players the struggling to reach these par fours me one is what five hundred forty two yards or so how much psychologically does that change a golfer standpoint the golfing standpoint when they have to put a little bit extra of was whether it's an extra club or a little extra effort. How much does that affect them? Well, I think if you know, you can get it. Choose you still in the second show. Might be, you know, no, no more than normal. You you kind of have to accept to you. You don't want to force. You can pound it out the way on the naturally within you get on and do it. But if you if it's Folsom that one loss throughout the week because you know, you're swinging get at couldn't you hit one or two thousand eight and that'd be kind of you'll weeks I used to play within yourself. That's what it very few guys who would be pound out there that not alone. And and that send that game you don't make. And I said this to you before. But I can't wait to get your answer. There's seemed like historically there was a randomness to the PGA championship though, that certainly changed the last five years, you know, the big the Brooks kept gives the Justice Thomas Jimmy Walker. Maybe a step below those players, but certainly a good player Jason day, Rory. Those are the less five PJ championship winners, and you go back to guys like rich beem milk disrespect or guys like Wayne. Grady, more broke. They were just they get a random this. Why does it seem like the PJ championship is beginning now to resemble like maybe the masters where like the best players are winning again where they've got. What I did have a couple of withdrawals. Had it didn't have to cut one hundred in the world here. And and I think they hold hold organization at the PGA is really that thing is it now huge events when I play. Yes, we played moons ago. There's a look on the round the clock at but you could be out on the six and seven over fourteen fifteen and you found out of it. You know, you he was like out in the woods. And there was no my dad must be going going. And I think they they've changed that they've income the whole goal to whole fan experience. So yeah, it creates a whole atmosphere. You know the way. TV televised. You know, we we keep a drummer up as well with the coverage. But yeah, and then you get a few guys say and get major the key. Everybody is made is the most important events to win that they had that's the cat with the kind of own measured. So people guys really gonna step up on PJ down. You know, Nick, I was doing some numbers crunching here. And I mentioned the less five PGA winners, the the big names there and the average winning score in those events is to sixty eight to sixty eight to sixty eight point two and obviously going back to two thousand two when tiger won at Bethpage in two thousand nine when Lucas Glover won the average score. There was closer to two eighty to seventy seven change. Do you think this winner will be closer to high to seventies or high sixty s? To seventy s. Yeah, I g eight right now and sit in the clubhouse. As long as we me. Even if it does. You know, they got a brute of a day or two, you know, especially moaning sessions, these moaning sessions on Thursday and Friday will could be that could that could make or break. It just goes. Nick Faldo with us here on Tiki and Tierney CBS sports radio. All right. Nikki BT mention how you won three masters championships. One of those was in hundred ninety six. Yep. Exactly. So which means that you are presenting former champion to Tiger Woods when he wanted. First major obviously his first masters in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven now you look at them just a few weeks ago. He wins another master's a lot of people thought he was done in. You've watched this from both on the course as as a peer and now as an analyst he put into perspective how miraculous or fantastic this. This resurgence is Tiger Woods. Yeah. I mean, I, you know, I didn't think was possible. That's all the years went by an every is going to put this witch way from to flip the switch. But that just doesn't happen in our game quite like that. And he managed to thanks to. You know, this is this has been an eighteen months process that wants to back the full ugly back fusion when oversee very successfully gave him a whole new lease of life to where you could. Now, not only be go, but you know, could live life pain-free and the managed to build these game. And I think actually, you know, you you have some limitations with that spying which had away. I think help Kim because you remember how we used to scream every time. He lost his Lebanon downswing. He's had because down sixteen now he doesn't so actually swing. It looks really good. And then he gained mazing spirits from LA summit at KANU. Steamy was tied for the lead. I nine. To play and goes, I gave ago a year ago, the PGA, you know, he couldn't hit the Gulf cliche goes out into the night. If he can do that, you cannot do anything. And of course, you wins at as late. He then beat ROY a couple of weeks to the mouse, everything kind of. Started to fall into place. And then and then I it's a myself. Look he knows that the pressure needed for to win the masters, and you know, if it's the most intense pressure on that back because everybody's seeing success in fight it, and it's all about you know, when your heads. I goes, you know, then and and that's that's the number one thing you need. I guess he didn't even catch. So I kinda send one a great opportunity of Ican hang with these guy. He knows they're gonna get wound up and maybe can just slip in the right time. And that's exactly what kind of happen twelve. Hope is amazing. Yeah. He he got a couple of Great Lakes and Grey Cup. Because he got some fantastic breaks. He made too bad. He's out of the trees at fourteen says in Friday and on Saturday and Sunday, it's in the trees at twelve but runs rollaway through to the low quay. So he gets away with that. That was kind of lucky break in a way that how. Does full transparency. Could it be could've played those in to over and said he he plays them into one. So that was the that the huge difference that so and then the motivation of wanting to win again because he just wants to if you're gonna go out you want to go out as a champion if if if if he was to stop tomorrow, he would feel relief the, wow, I want again, everybody remembers me for winning provident remembers me he's having years of talk about everything. So that was what was amazing. And then it goes with the atmosphere at Augusta National eighteenth thing was quite unbelievable to help. And the celebration was with was something. You know, we I that's what I pledge that. We wouldn't have the same. They have again out in our lives, and it's not hyperbole. I mean, his mom was there. And it was so important for his for to see his kids for his kids to see them as. A champion, and yeah, exactly that was go. Here was I wanted my boy my kids into steamy? The champion seed see how tiger was used to play coming home. You know being up the e. It was it was the perfect stone. They get show. He he had to make you happen while Cernik Faldo, and I want to leave you with this year. You know, one thing we know about Bethpage in the New York New jersey area, there's a different energy. It's almost like a football event. It's raucous. It's crazy and the villain was Sergio back in two thousand and two. We know tiger get a hero's. Welcome any is there a villainous character?.

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