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Joe with a jason. Momoa you're going. Amoah galling memo amoah okay so that leaves or lorry that leads crews evron or pets. Oh none of them have quite as long hair. Jason momoa well i would say because he has long hair. He's really east like trying too hard to make. It seem like it's is where tom cruise say tom cruise. I'm gonna say i bet he's. He's been bald since a risky business care. Yeah that's we met by hairpiece. Fuck even part just said best hair. No my answers but who's fake hair so great everybody except for the people that answered these names in this poll. I would never have guessed. No don't have the log happy. Just a win was superlatives. Fuck i bet you say this the piece part all right. Well i if there's whatever what answers leftover at the end here. Okay trade memorial for that All right so but lori. Greg grabbed up. Tom cruise and then troy between zach. F ryan brad pitt. Which one do you are well. Laurie took my answer. So between these. Zach ephron right now harris to don. Would you do switch to read peter. Stick with jason momoa. Both i think going to be wrong but i think brad pitt is less wrong. So i guess he's switching brad pitt between the lesser of two evils. I choose brad pitt. Yeah okay kericho The person with the least amount of votes eighteen percent of the votes which is worth eighteen points. Is brad pitt. you only eighteen points. I went both frog. Fuck i saw. Yeah the wrong direction. Unfortunately then coming in at nine hundred nine percents with nineteen percent is f- trae you have nineteen points. Scant one point ahead of ron and then with a whopping thirty eight percent. Laurie gets thirty. Eight points to chom. Crews i wish you guys could see my arms rates drain. You're so excited. And jay's lhamo a managed to get more than zach or brad he has twenty five percents. Wow so he's really been fooling everybody because he's he's not that long hair from the second i i ever heard of him. That is the way to have a convincing hairpiece by you know from the beginning. Yeah long hair guys get away with it is put a little extra front power all just fake hair so my lawyers tell me have to say. His last game was all alleged. They all alleged easy have great. Hairpieces is married to lisa banana. And she's been in the business and she was a little girl. So i feel like she coached him early on like she saw the bald spot and was like lemme. Let's get this fixed immediately before you even get famous. And she's got gray hair too. So i can produce. Shares are hair sprouting. Got her extensions. These head ask the family hair sharia all right. Well the you know people with their opinions. They all People vote is the cracks. Me up that people dichter tween those on those guys that i think all have their real hair but who knows So like i said lorries in the lead but anything could happen round to but laurie gets to go first in round two. Then we'll go to troy and then on. laurie. I asked very similar. Another question about these These male actors. I said in european who is the tallest now these people could have gone. Looked up the correct answer and came back and shows that but i wanted to know in their opinion who is the tallest and the options are again. Tom cruise time this time. Thomas joined by vin diesel. Danny devito and pete than clinch. Oh all right. i'm gonna. I mean i'm gonna leave pete and danny to the other guys if they to go with those too. So it's really down to vin diesel and tom cruise and i'm gonna say been diesel. Because i don't think he's a over five ten. But i think he's definitely over five six her right interesting. What do you think troy i- opinion. My impression is tom. Cruise is the tallest. So i will take him for like it like a logical player. That was a long pause for something the other shortest people on the planet conferring with jeff. Jeff exited the room. We does he ever feed you. Have you ever broke both your arms. He has he has fed me before. Yes okay answers rod man. It's really really sexy last on this. What i i i guess be between the less up to here is the daddy. Vetoes probably like a giant compared to isolated him. So i'm going to go with danny devito and you're going to veto it's interesting. He's coast signage. I can't pick other options right after. Pick the leftovers right. Yeah yeah you go first on this Or you went. I and i. I'm not saying they're leftovers. The great but i'm not you did say don't catch me. Never known best choice with what you had left eye. Yes yes you never know what you're going to look into these games. Because i try to you know. Try to keep things tricky and this one certainly did turn out rather weird tallest. I'll be very shocked. I would say he's done some real false advertisement wedding. I don't know if any of you saw avengers giant but he does play a giant nets. ooh so people could be confused. That's true yeah a lot of depth like if people are definitely fifty because coming in with ten percent of the vote in who is the tallest..

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