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Lil our constitutional perspective speaking to reporters at the capitol congressman Jamie Raskin a Maryland says president trump presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the U. S. given his contact with Ukraine taking more publicans like new York's lease Selden say it's Democrats like chairman Adam Schiff or distorting the facts this whole thing is a fairy tale Adam Schiff is misleading you and you're playing along with it many of you are and the American public isn't getting deceived bill rate cop CBS news Capitol Hill some changes to the college entrance exam here CBS news Steve case the people run the AC T. college entrance exams say starting next fall students who don't like their scores can retake individual sections of the test instead of the entire thing they call it a time saver and it allows test takers to focus on subject areas that need improvement students will also be able to take the ACT online at testing centers to get the results faster within about two business days pencil and paper results can take about three weeks Steve case fan CBS news a big opportunity opened up for kids in San Diego today more than ten thousand students are expected to apply for the San Diego unified school choice application window marsilli Marquez tells us some of the things parents are looking for when choosing a school they might want International Baccalaureate they might want steam stem school of foreign language or visual and performing arts and so we have many schools that provide those different programs and some parents apply on just for convenience they want their child to go to school closed where they work there's lots of different reasons and we have the perfect venue for it and we're just excited that so many parents are taking advantage of it the choice application window remains open through November thirteenth residents in del Mar up in arms over a proposal by the California coastal commission to seize homes in.

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