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One at one crime for. The sentence to be applied for the most series of fats back with a firearm is the more serious offence. Instead, the judge in the case sentenced Van Dyke on a second-degree murder charge. The attorney general says he respects the high court's decision. We'll check WGN sports. Now, here's Dave and good morning. The first two teams have survived their opening tests in the NC double A tournament the knights of Fairleigh Dickinson and the Bruins of Belmont. They survived last night's first four games in Dayton Fairleigh Dickinson, knocking out prairie view eighty to seventy six to advance to face Gonzaga Belmont took care of temple Eighty-one. Seventy they'll go against Maryland next. Loyola hope to be playing in the NC double A gamma the ramblers wound up in the IT with a first round loss. Seventy sixty one to Creighton in Omaha. They finished the year twenty and fourteen the baseball world still buzzing about the new biggest contract ever, Mike trout's twelve year four hundred. Thirty two million dollar extension with the angels in Houston is locked up. It's young third baseman Alex bregman with a six year one hundred million dollar deal Reynaldo Lopez turned in six and a third allowing two runs on six hits. And the White Sox. Six five lost to the rats. You Darvish left. The cubs. Split-squad game at Seattle with a blister on his right ring finger but said he expects to be fine for his next. Turn the cubs. Won that game. Six four also suffered a six four split squad loss to the royals hockey. Colorado beat Minnesota three wants things a little tighter and not wild card race. Arc's Finnity Blackhawks report the hawks still four back with two games against the avalanche this weekend, and they host the flyers tomorrow. David WGN sports. Did you know one of the most common sources of unintended medication is the family medicine cabinet?.

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