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Give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world good morning forty two degrees and for twenty on this Wednesday November twentieth I'm lane majority and here's what's happening president trump's ambassador to the E. you will be sworn in to testify in public for the house impeachment inquiry today this after four witnesses testified yesterday full recap I have a man shot and killed in east New York in a hail of gunfire and that also hit two buses police commissioner o'neill winding down on the job looking back and looking forward to federal jail guards charge for their role in the death of celebrity sex offender Jeffrey abstain thank with says plenty of clouds this morning intervals of sun with a gusty breeze this afternoon high forty seven I'm Harry salads now fifteen straight games with at least one point for the islanders they rallied past the penguins of overtime five to four the Bruins ended the devils took game win streak five to one in Newark I'm low marks Larry coffee Wall Street starts the day with the Dow just off its all time high down one oh two yesterday the fed releases minutes from its most recent meeting today when the news time for twenty one from the ram trucks traffic center here's Jeff Jensen some road work on the island these projects continue including the one on the civil rights of expressway north bound rover between the northern state Jericho turnpike hold that page parkway slow so the the sea for Oyster Bay expressway is your alternate there they ain here's what we see on miles big three no troubles on the southern nor there the LA there's no real work either to clear so good news there there's work on the ramp from the north of and went to the west bank ran central and looks like we have new accidents while we have one little earlier it's the east man Grand Central parkway looks like the out a roadway are right there by the Long Island expressway and here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels in mount Holly were busy with only a single in open still the aft arrives good the Lincolns quiet the George is not it is a busy ride across that upper level it's a real crawl went back.

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