Huckel, Ten San Francisco Bay Area, Rochelle Walensky discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia


Yeah I say hey we mentioned yesterday that the assured reported day to today was over 1100 cases Well we haven't gotten today's numbers yet but this is the first step they say in advisory that anybody who suspects he or she might be infected not to go to emergency rooms It says see a private doctor Now this advice overturns advice less than a week ago when it urged people to go to emergency units to get an official diagnosis So this U turn would seem to reflect the rapid deterioration of services yesterday's numbers as I mentioned topped 1100 will get the update later today probably a couple of hours New York's governor Catholic is lifting the mask mandate for businesses that do not check COVID-19 status citing case numbers He saw those numbers Literally off the charts And now those numbers are coming down and it is time to adapt Yeah huckel says high inoculation rates and low transmission as well Illinois lifting its indoor mask requirement as of February 28th will stay on to apply to public schools Ten San Francisco Bay Area counties are dropping into our mask requirements as of February 16th Massachusetts will lift at school mask mandate at the end of the month CDC director doctor Rochelle Walensky says the agency is still monitoring numbers The current 7 day daily average of cases is about 247,300 cases per day a decrease of about 44% over the previous week And while lansky says it's good for this to be done as long as people act our states act or localities act in a responsible way UK prime minister Boris Johnson plans to scrap self isolation rules for people who test positive for COVID Provided the current.

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