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Sandwiches, bitch. We can freeze my mouth out. My ex-girlfriend love Togo at least. It's a big fight about that. Let's go to togos. I'm like, no. No go. That's a no go. No goes. You know who love Togo's was Chris van arts Dylan. Wax, do you remember? There was like a little monologue I wrote with Chris about Togo's at the beginning of a live show and he did a slideshow about how he loved to remember this from back in the day of oh he has an old birthday boy's live sketch, yeah. Yeah, boys live sketchbooks. Ben are still in love Togo, so you got another one to be an arts Dylan. Togos is like, I think it's just those freaks that keep it open. It's the V and R still. Your ex-girlfriend lamarr, all these freaks, they're fucking like this place. I bet you the podcast before that I had an incident when I was 8 years old with pastrami at Togo's where I was choking. We were dining in. I was choking and my dad had to give me the heimlich. Damn. Wow. In the restaurant, yeah. Yeah, and then it was not allowed to eat pastrami until it was an adult. I wish I could go Back to the Future for that too. You get this to go. Also, Maddie Smith, is that where Matty Smith bit into a screw? He did, yes. He had a piece of metal in the sandwich. We talked about the podcast. Worse than the paper towels. Yeah, that's worse than my broken tooth. He broke up crazy. Here's a sandwich that you are like on the veggie. I'm looking at the Togo's menu right now. On the veggie section, there's one called the Cali veggie, which is avocado, cucumbers, double provolone, and Mayo served Togo style, which I believe Togo style is out of the freezer. Did they take that from Mike's wife? I don't remember toe goes down. I remember. Also, this is disgusting. Listen to this. They have cheese sandwich. Double provolone and Mayo serve Togo style. That's it. Oh Jesus. And then they have that before. Get this. Get this bullshit. Number 14 is a Hummer sandwich, which is just hummus and Mayo. Mayo. How could you even that should be free to just give that away? They're making money off that? You should give that, you should give that away to your enemies. Yeah, I've had that cheese sandwich is good. You then urkel was probably the ranking as far as cheese, cheese lovers. Your way up there. I'm with you. But I can't do a straight. I can't do straight cheese up. And Mayo? No, God, that's fucking awful. And it's not even milk. It's not even like, it's not a grilled cheese sandwich, it's cold. Yeah. I had 100% had that. A cold, a cold cheese sandwich with Mayo sometimes, can hit this. You're gonna get those Muppet dreams. Where am I? All right, we've got to get to our ratings here, and we gotta pick a winner. So, Mitch, here's the thing. We have so many categories. This is gonna take so long. We're already at the 90 minute mark. We gotta streamline this. So here's what I'm thinking. I'm just gonna go down to the list all the categories and we'll just do them collectively. Instead of everyone doing their own their own ranking that will hopefully speed things up a little bit. We can get rid of blow factor. I mean, we had to come in to make a ruling on this, but we didn't use the audio. He was gonna, and also he told us to keep the way to keep all the categories. Which is very annoying because we told him that he had to change that and he didn't do it. All right, so do what you got to do wax. Here's what I'm saying. Okay, we're going to cut blow factor, we're going to cut dunk ability. We're going to cut overall sub slash theme. I think that one's good. All right, fine. We'll throw overall sub slash theme back in. And then we'll cut condiment slash sauces or cut messiness. Okay. I'm going to go messing this is kind of fun too. I know, but that's the thing. We got to make hard cuts. All right. We can cut condiment sausage sausage, or we got veggies. That's where we're at. I mean, we should cut veggies, but it's all veggies. Sausage last sausage slash veggies. That'll be included. Messiness, overall sub slash theme, and finally a yes no question, would you give it to Jared, will rate each of these out of zero $10 in newly legal NCAA endorsement money, and we will do this as a group. First up, bread, bread, so we got firehouse. It's also good that we had to make hard cuts, but it was, of course, we had to leave in, would you give it to Jared, one of the most important questions with the subs. Is if we were given to Jared Fogle. No, I think it's important that it stays. Okay. All right, here we go. Bread. For Jersey Mike's and for firehouse subs. Yeah, guys, from zero to ten endorsement dollars, what do you say for bread? For both of them? All right. Well, let's start with firehouse. Or we'll start with Jersey mikes, because that's what we did first. I like Jersey Mike's brand. I think I do actually like it a little bit more than I like firehouses bread. Firehouses bread kind of feels like it's better than subway bread, but it feels a little mass produced, but it's nice and soft, it tastes good. It feels kind of like a fake or bread. Jersey Mike's got that nice sub roll. I like it. And so I'm going to go 8 for Jersey mics and I'm going to go 6 and a half for firehouse. Still pretty good. I'm going to go lower on both of them. I'll say 6 for 6 for Jersey Mike's 5 for firehouse, but I like both of them. There's very down the middle. I will go so I'm going to be a little bit opposite here. Firehouse subs bread for me is better because a little bit of softer. I'm going to go, I'm going to go 7. And I love Jersey Mike's. But I'm going to go 7 on firehouse bread and 6 and a half on Jersey Mike's bread. Damn, all right. Yeah, I totally agree. I was a one thing. I was so glad it's the first thing because that's exactly what surprised me. I was like, the firehouse bread was so much soft. I gave that fire bread at 8, and I get a Jersey Mike's $6. Yeah. Wow..

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