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The impact these events do have on people we just have these floods and south asia the americans in the caribbean and then the united states hear some of the people effect in cuba texas and first be her in northern india what what is binding on way war plus app on helpless reggie tells me the floods to everything we owe it it was terrifying says veto follows just so much water we were lucky to survive water stored in entering my whole and the water continued and it kept using my friend across the street called me and asked me if i was getting water i told him years and so i wanna know written died with here but here's house also had tremendous water damage in the water was rising every our sister small place i have i don't know how deep the watery it's now but one i left i have a wall piano and it was up to the ease of the piano zoo not that out of a is a huge catastrophe my home my business everything is louis i'm a selfemployed carpenter i try to laze things up but the water came to fast in too high everything is flooded all the model we'll just three of the many voices that have been affected by this first rich thirdly you work in the insurance sector it is right isn't it there are more extreme weather events yes i think if you look at the statistics in there are there are many people who've done lots of different talks for analysis but the generallyaccepted view since the 1950s we're seeing a sixfold increase in the incidents will what you could call the frequency of severe weather events as the weather's or because the people are moving to more tricky places well that's the frequency the event itself so us probably to do the weather but we're also seeing oversee an increased cost associated these events a nazis due to economic development the increase processes but also the increased amount of development in catastrophe exposed areas of the.

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