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In boston just some light snow in our area merry christmas i may characters what we're following in the wbz newsroom skies are brightening in some areas snow still coming down across the region winds will pick up and temperatures are expected to fall the latest weather forecast coming up after traffic on the threes the wintry weather is causing some power outages ever source reporting about twenty three thousand outages across the state most affected areas are south of plymouth on this christmas day in rome the pope calls for peace here in the state's president trump celebrates his first christmas in office at his mara law go home he in the first lady sent out a christmas greeting video via twitter action movie star and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger son un is following his father into acting and maybe following the governor into politics mark mayfield has more on patrick schwarzenegger i'll be back it will be like he never left patrick schwarzenegger told tmz on friday he would get into politics if he thought he could better the country the 24yearold schwarzenegger has political genes from both sides of his family is mother maria shriver is the niece of the late president john f kennedy patrick schwarzenegger is in the cast of the mini series the long road home on national geographic jail he's also in the romantic drama midnight sun due out in march mark mayfield wbz newsradio 1030 beekeepers wanted the university of maine cooperative extension is looking to train the next generation of maine beekeepers the cooperative extension is offering beginning beekeeping courses and workshops on honey bee diseases swore management and how to handle queen bees this winter.

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