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One of the big transition points I know I know about you in your your progress has been Dr gunnery. What kind of impact has he had on health? So this is another Peter demand introduction. He introduced us. The gunnery is the one that changed my diet, and now I am. I cannot tell you everything thought life is so much better it. I love food, Mike, I, I love good wine. In fact, I was I threw away the diet last three weeks 'cause I was in Europe with my family, and I ate when I wanted to and drank what I wanted to. And it was an awful miserable experience. But I also say, you know, I'm not going to if I'm going to go to Europe, I'm, I'm going to put. Offer a few weeks find, but it was it was pretty pretty negative on my health. I could tell huge difference in. I was back on my medications temporarily, but now I'm off anyway, but Guthrie is incredible. When when I read his book, it's called the plant paradox. It just spoke to me, spoke to everything I've gone through and you know, my problem is this I was paralyzed by the fear of this disease in did nothing about it for five years. I mean, I can sit here and talk to you about moon shots and clinical trials and innovation and all that stuff. But the fact is that I literally for five years just did nothing and mired in my, you know, existence in my disease in in, you know, there are people like Peter, like Dr Gunn dri who who have helped bring me out of that, and I'm really really great grateful for it. And so, but I understood I understand sort of that paralysis of fear that a lot of people go through because I just went through it for so long. So. Professionally, you're, you've made a huge career out of marketing specifically in the political arena. So if somebody was gonna pursue office a run for office, you're the guy they called for market research, building out marketing campaigns and you've been on, you know, dozens and dozens of newsreels, but you're kinda go to marketing expert in that world. How has this health challenge impacted that? I know you're still incredibly active. Got a brand new book that's coming out on a marketing forefront, but how have you managed both of these things at the same time. I not only blame I credit everything to the fact that I'm attention disorder, and I was always told my whole life what a, what a detriment that would be my life and what I really realizes that I can juggle about thirty things in the. And I can. You know, it just I, it doesn't stress me out that much. So this is just one part of it. You know, there's also this part of trying to be a better dad husband, which I for a long time was terrible ad and and then also trying to to run the business, but really the political. The book came out of this. I've run political campaigns over twenty years. I've worked on eight presidential campaigns, three winning ones of winning US, Senate races, governors races, congressional races, and I keep seeing the people in businesses were utilizing marketing in a different way. I didn't understand it. And then one day, my buddy of mine who is a major real estate developer in Hawaii came to me and he said, I'm fascinated by what you guys do in politics, and I'm wondering if can help my business and help us grow and we'll what happened because what we spent all this money marketing, we've gotten like one lead in, we've spent fifty thousand dollars in our marketing plan and. And I went forty doing and he said, well, we were, we got a recommendation that we should..

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