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Tony Cam backing over the time line nearside double team able to get it to suck fire bounce pass left corner of war for three they have made contesting shots. I mean, they're threes. Haven't just been wide open, threes Carolina. Deep three from Brandon Robinson. And now is good as he. Tacit by him. But to no avail. He was too quick on the trigger. Look good. That's just a third three Carolina's made today in the first in the second half down to six fifty to go seventeen point deficit for the heels. Spin through heavy traffic bounces to knock on the right block hook shots. Good. Boy. We just had a big time game. He has been an anchor for this Louisville offense when you think as three point shooting, but it is it has been the balance and dock with a good recovery on a strong move by seventh. Woods miss the rebound comes up grabs. It is just been us. Doug. Woods had to weigh ups on the play missed the initial one from the left side got his own rebound. The stick back didn't go. And then it was just kind of messy with bodies in the middle of the pain is stumbled out with the basketball and the foul called on Johnson. His second knock will have two shots. You knock cast tied his career high with sixteen points. He does not have a double double in his career. But he is just one rebound away from today via seven of thirteen from the field. Sixteen points nine boards. And it'll stay that way. As he knocks free throw rattles out. Toby white returns for Carolina for the first time after taking that fall. His right wrist is heavily taped. He'll reenter along with Williams and little. Eight hundred eighty four percents shooter and a best I want as you said he's just he's one of three today by you talk about a guy that has that kind of quarter Warentest he's been up against an undersized front court. It makes the second. But a guy like that can make this free throws. He's got that size and athletic ability stages such upside and today has been the cargo heels downs to just six twenty to go little backing up on the right wing shock down to fifteen. They'll kick it left wing. Kobe white tarheels expand having any trouble getting moving authentically, and they turn it over as Williams tried to bounce it in the post too little and the pass off the Mark the eleventh turnover of the for Carolina, and Eric maybe a lot of things talk about after this one puts the fact how the tar heels have just been totally taken out of their offense. Even getting anything going has been a big store. It has. Been and then I'll tell you as the foul timeout, actually. Yeah. As as white black head trapped him up near the the time line, but we're going to go to break here. All right. I'll let you throw it. We'll talk come back five fifty eight to go. It has been all cardinals today. Seventy to fifty two from learfield. UNC fans when.

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