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Won't they get that close buckle resource we're so innovative guys what you set exactly right chinese is by easy we invent things and then if you like it you spread it coined the new words and that's how it's not on her us yeah and that's how they possum generation after generation without paper with our iphone and can you quickly breakdown guilty for shore two characters the first one jay jay jay i've made an efforts that's a combination between net and the wrong so when you net the wrong knit wet some excellent netting yet in that initials brown they had a net that could butterfly net so when you net up all the wrong things then that's though guilt and the second character that means evil as a combination between second and the heart so when your heart has a second thought that may be the end joined the devil you are wondering between the two then two that's evil so together a sway a c swear and now with the iphone you can learn how to speak because you can hear the sound and then if you speak back the told robots inside your form judge how will you speak eight y'all it's easy job that's funny ladies or something more fun and the thing is it's coming on the talk show come on nothing's move on the michelle that we've got to have some fun okay so guilty for a little bit of how to go gives feminist okay body weight on.

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