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Well, let America know that you're tougher than him. Don't worry. We'll we'll we'll be your mouthpiece for you. So as speaking of speed and grown of Minnesota. So why I I was going to ask you I actually wrote this down. But now, I'm about to ask it, I already know the answer because I was gonna ask you, how did you end up in Wisconsin? But I sort of feel like this was preordained from birth that you had the buzz cut, you're taking the charges. You had no other choice like did Wisconsin recruit you or did you just sort of like have a drawl to Wisconsin like us just like wake up one day, and you're in Madison, and you're like, I guess someone Wisconsin team now. Yeah. I recruited Wisconsin. Oh, you know, growing up. So I was just a big fan of the big bend. Well, actually, I think it's the gophers game. And I always watched the big fan game. And you know, kind of growing up it was kind of era Wisconsin, I was kinda seemed to be at the top. And so it was a team that I liked the way they played. I enjoyed watching Jordan Taylor. Ben broth, those types of guys some of them are my style of play in the guys they have on the roster. I kind of just signed myself in not only the buzz cut styles. Play one of the one of those programs that I always wanted to play for growing up. Do you get do you to know it with your style? Play that people don't think you're as good as what you actually are that especially I feel like Aaron craft kind of ruins you or maybe he helped you out authencity that aircraft couldn't shoot and everyone just like by the time. He graduated. Everyone's like this dude sucks, and it's so annoying that he's good, and I feel like you're sort of getting the same treatment where people don't want to admit your good. Does that drive you nuts or do? You just not really care. I mean at first, but to be honest at this point, you know, I don't really say what the outside critics outspend noises. I decided to the best second out my team win. I know I think a lot of people talking about the chargers defensively dive into the floor and those plays. But I also know that I can do a lot more for the same. That's kind of what I ain't mad when I hang my hat on. But I try not to listen to that. And personally aircraft was one of the guys that I realize that I watched the Big Ben one of my favorite players growing up. I love. The way play the game the runway. And so I always tried to, you know, defensively just being the pest in the ball, and the energy within the fist, bumps and all that I loved it. So he's always kind of use that as the grading way saying, I earn crafts. I think that's probably get personally, dude. I remember when he first when I the first game. I saw you play. I thought you're just Aaron Kraus's like, oh so to craft get then you hit a step back three. And I was like, whoa. He's not hurt. Dr could not do that promise you that. Oh, man. So I wanna talk to you about eastern hat because both of you together. Are we we talk a lot about you? And I hope you understand that we generally do have an affection. It is all out of love grand, always on a light truly is outta love. But I feel like I've thought back on things I've said about Ethan hap. And sometimes I feel like I might be too critical. But like this guy confuses the hell out of me. I'm watching you guys beat Michigan. We should talk about Michigan. You beat Michigan. You had the big win. But more importantly, even have I described him as as like, you you you're creating a player on a video game. And you only get so many points to use on attributes and you max out everything. And then you forget that there's like four more attributes you have to put points in two years like ask screw it all leave those zero and those are like that's like his jump shot. But like everything else you can handle the ball. He could pass you can re that's how I describe..

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