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Ukrainian service and there's some touching news agency photographs of Ukrainians coming back home being greeted by family of people I've been waiting at the airport with balloons but some things you said hinted at the complexity of this when you talk about separatists of course we're talking about a part of Ukraine that is effectively under Russian control with some pro Russian separatists fighting with Russian Russian troops how does this relate to the broader effort to make peace between Russia and Ukraine was it is a direct result of the meeting between presidents Lansky and Russian president Vladimir Putin in Paris earlier this month of those were the first direct talks between other leaders of Russia and Ukraine in three years and the Lansky sit now is saying that the first part of his agreement with Putin has been fulfilled namely a prisoner exchange but now comes really the hard part because Ukraine has two other goals one is achieving a lasting cease fire in eastern Ukraine and most importantly it's regaining control over its border with Russia and put in here really holds all the cards because as long as that border between the separatist regions and run she is open those pro Russian fighters can get practically unlimited supplies and there's another sticking point of Putin says that kia of presidents a Lansky needs to talk directly with the separatists the Kremlin is promoting this narrative that was happening in Ukraine is a civil war rather than this Russian backed insurgency and keeps position of course is that these guys the separatists are crumbling proxies so they don't need to talk to him you just said that Russia has all the cards what this president Vladimir Zelinsky think he has no way of leverage to get Russia get back get back territory very briefly well I mean I think he thinks it what he has in leverage is western pressure I mean really the only motivation couldn't has right now to show any good will is to get sanctions relief which is directly contingent contingent on an end to fighting in Ukraine listen thanks for the update thank you that's an peers Lucienne Kim reporting today from Moscow all right as we get very close to the end of the decade the stock market is finishing this year on a remarkable upswing the S. and P. five hundred is up almost thirty percent stock indices have been hitting records and that is not what most people were predicting at the start of this decade and here is Jim zarroli has the story Wall Street in two thousand eight was a fearful and anxious place strewn with the wreckage of the financial crisis fortunes had been decimated retirement accounts deflated on C. N. B. C. the newscaster spoke about what was happening in ominous terms it was an historic day with Wall.

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