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To coast AM on K G O eight ten. And welcome back to coast to coast. Dr Michael salad with us, Michael. We're talking about the document from nineteen Eighty-nine which doctor would looked at seven. It's the real deal. Didn't he? Well, that's right. And he found some important information about who actually was the person that was receiving that that briefing document. He looked at one of these signatures on it and authentified it as belonging to Philip Maher. Dr Philip Morrison who was a famous astronomer, and what was interesting about him was that he was a close associate of a doctor Carl Sagan, many people believe and would be among them was actually part of the majestic twelve group that doctor Sagen actually was the replacement for Dr Robert Menzel who was was one of the founding members of the. Majestic twelve group. And and so, you know, there's there's a kind of a back story to that. But essentially, I think what the briefing document was doing was that it was intended on on briefing, Dr Morrison on what exactly is happening when it comes to extraterrestrial life and the technologies that have been secretly developed and because they wanted him to be the replacement of for Dr Carl Sagan on the majestic twelve committee. And so this is this is an important document because it gives us an idea of how the majestic twelve committee or whatever name does by today kind of rotates members. And I think that members of. Replaced by having alternate. Oh, replacements who recommended and have particular expertise in an area that majestic twelve requires for the committee deliberations. And so one of those would obviously be astronomy. And when you look at Menzel and Sagan and Davidson, you know, what they had in common was it that little astronomers, and I think this is one of the positions that that he's on the majestic committee that has to be regularly renewed with a replacement, and this majestic twelve document that would authenticated. Actually, I think really shows hell the process looked and why Davidson was chosen to be the replacement for the and what did you hear about a recruitment program for Mars? Well, that's something that I've been fascinating for a long time. When Laura Eisenhower I came out around two thousand six two thousand and seven I remember having a conversation with Laura Beckley, and she's a great granddaughter of president. And she said that basically she was really pressured by a group to become part of this. Mas colony that was being planned. And and she said that they really try very hard to recruit her in a in a friend key Leah and both of them in both of them actually released reports about, you know, the efforts that were made to recruit them. And and what happened was that Laura identified that the key individual behind it running this this up? Mazda. Equipment program was Dr help put off and he's sticking to national which is based in Austin, Texas that they were involved in this effort because they pioneers in studying exotic technologies when you got today. What side you see how they really doing studies in a lotta these really kind of exotic propulsion systems like wormholes, and and what drives so the kind of like leaders in kind of out of the box thinking. So you know, what loara Eisenhower was saying? I it's not it's not too far fetched in terms of you know. In the national and poodle being involved in this kind of MAs recruitment process to get people volunteering to be part of the future colony to escape. Catastrophic earth events that they believe were coming in the years ahead. So she poked about that. And and a very interesting connection between what Laura said that she saw and her friend key saw in terms of many documents, dealing with traversable whim, holes, warp, drives and teleportation will of these really kind of advanced technologies that put off and and we're working on that. They was there was a interesting synchronicity with these recently leaked. Defense Intelligence Agency reference documents Dave was a list of thirty eight of these reference documents that was just confirmed. I just last month or very recently a concerned by the federation of American scientists who received a response from the Defense Intelligence Agency confirming that this list of thirty eight. Defense Intelligence Agency documents dealing with these kinds of futuristic concepts was genuine, and so far we know that three of the papers three of these reference documents have been leaked to the public and all three have scientists from Listrik that's run by hell put off actually being either the legal or the second also on those documents. So this is concrete evidence that was involved with these kinds of concepts, and is in house says that back in two thousand seven two thousand six and seven that she saw a lot of these documents that that had been developing for this mass colony that's tremendous work. It really is. Now, you've also been looking at solar micro novas those. Those are pretty dangerous, aren't they? Oh, wow. They really an important thing to start looking at all I was always really intrigued by this series that in Davidson from space with a news started to put out equals at the earth catastrophe series. And as I looked at the documentation, I realized that, you know, there is really a lot of scientific data out there on these micro know that this is a cyclic event that has happened repeatedly. You know history we going back millions of years that in the ice core samples that different scientists have examined that they've been able to a dentist by the effects of these micro Nova, which is like a solar flash. We're talking about something that's much bigger than your. Will kind of the solar flares that must people are familiar with that for for example. I think a few years ago there was a kind of ex- ex- class six solar flare locked out there. Yeah. That that hit the earth and had had an effect and Quebec was. The Quebec Telesystem was affected. But with a solo uh flesh or amok Renova. We're talking about an x one hundred hitting the earth. And and this is something that is really important for people. Stop to stop thinking about. I know you've you've done a lot of work on this in terms of the the vulnerability of the greed. Yes. That's that's something. That's that's very real. And there's a lot of studies supporting that, but as far as Mike we're not concerned know, people are kind of familiar with the Carrington affect of the Carrington event from I think it was eighteen fifty nine that wiped out the building electronics of the planet at that time. And but there was an event actually this recently, a paper has come up studying event that they expect to around seven fifty. A d- which is called the Charlemagne event. And that was a really something very similar to this kind of micro no phenomenon and it was ten times bigger than the Carrington affect. So if that would have happened now, and this is what the studies showing that this kind of micro knows can happen now that yeah, it can completely obliterate the the cold grits. Read the whole thing goes down, doesn't it exactly? And a lot of other things can can stop happening. Terms of like the ozone layer being depleted by by the Cosby graves that would be associated with this kind of Michael Nova event. So that could have devastating effect on on life on the planet because of this leave the ozone layer protects us from a lot of. Radiation harmful radiation. Michael you continue to do a lot of work about the Antar Tikka. What's going on down there? Well, and Antarctica is is just a fascinating place. It it is a continent. That's one one point six times the size of the entire United States including Canada. And there's a lot of things buried under the eyes and and people have been coming forward for years talking about what's down there. And I I have I have a book that's out there and Todd is hidden history. That that looks at some of this information in particular, a lot of these amazing about the Germans having a stablest colony under the ice, which you know, usually people would would have laughed at that said. Well, how could that possibly be heaven you'd freeze under the Antarctic? But but that's not correct because I only in twenty seventeen scientific studies began to be released showing that these huge Kevin systems which. Family heated that under the ice sheets under two miles of ice that they were saying that you you can have like a balmy seventy two degrees. Kevin that ease used and that actually it could sustain life down there. So this is something that really supports a lot of these insiders that over the years have said that the Germans have developed bases down there. And and very recently there've been a few things down there if you're normally identified cosmic rays coming out of Antarctica. And that's that's phenomenal. Because no one no one expected that cosmic rays would becoming advantange. There's a. A device down there in Antarctica, cold Anita, which is designed to detect cosmic rays that are coming into the and in particular those coming in through Antarctica because of the earth's magnetosphere Cosby grace into predominantly in the polar regions because that's why the magnetically the Rix, these kinds of charged particles. And so this device is was measuring these cosmic rays coming from out of space. But then it started to pick up 'cause meek rice coming out of the us. And that's that's a really important sign, very important development. Because to my mind what that's signifying is that inside of the earth. We have something very similar to what's happening on the sun that, you know, people are aware of the sun emitting solar flares, you know, these huge crowds. Toronto message actions where you have these plasma this coming out and kind of affecting the solar system as well as the earth, but in the interior of the us, cool, the especially the the molten out of call that you can actually have something very similar happening that they can be something analogous to a colonial message action happening inside of the earth. And that that is what's causing the cosmic Christ come out of the earth. And and I think this is this. I think it's still something that the scientific community. He's gonna take some time to get around to because at the moment, they're saying that well, the cosmic rays that are being detected by the Anita device down in Antarctica that that was just detecting some kind of nonstandard physics model some nonstandard physics Todd. But I think really what's happening is that. The seem to you is generating calls me rise that are that are coming out. And that this is what is being picked up by Nita. So and and that kind of raises a whole lot of questions about how make Risa related to poll shifts, and whether or not we are experiencing not only magnetic pulse shifts, but also going to witness a geophysical pulse shift, which you know, people have been talking about the deck is, but I think we look at the at the data and some classified or declassified documents that have just recently come out, then we have to look at the possibility that we could very soon experience, not just the magnetic, but also geophysical pulse. Shift Michael is the planet ever endanger of blowing up. Well, that's an interesting question audience think it's dangerous blowing up I think really what we're going to be seeing is the earth. Expanding that the earth is because it is London. Some in the interior of the earth that there is some kind of mechanism inside of the earth, which is generating energy some kind of very large zero point energy generator down there in the us. And that this is what's leading to the expansion. This is a very controversial thesis, the expansion hypothesis, but there has been a lot of research on this by some astray and scientists in in particular, there's one by the name of Dr James mex- love who has done a lot of work on the earth, expansion hypothesis and has put out a lot of scientific papers referencing other pioneers in this research, and basically they signed that the earth is expanding when you look. For example, at the age of the us crust compare it to the age of the of the of the ocean floor the ocean floor is much much younger. So if it's weird. Now, this strange though, isn't it? It is strange. It is so, but this is this is again because because so much science has been kind of like on occulted using Jing laugh is Tim analogy, that's so much. Scientific theory has been kind of like shape, they'll suited to exclude these kinds of more innovative explanations for the behavior of the earth. So that, you know, things like the earth extension hypothesis is really killed. But in fact, when you look at all of the data and the the very legitimate scientific protocols that have been used by different researches such as James mex-. Love the conclusion is that this is very real. And it's being covered up. Let's come back in a moment. Michael and take some phone calls with you, Dr Michael Sala with us. You heard what we've been talking about? So you make the call when we come back on coast to coast. Don't forget to watch our TV show beyond belief.

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