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Let's get back to more more of kristen whitney. Let's move on to bachelor in paradise season for you went on and when i was doing doing research for this i can't remember because that was the weird season where we had to shut down for ten days and whatnot you didn't show up until after the shutdown correct or no okay so you it came on after the shutdown and you were just miss hot commodity out there dan dating everybody everybody everybody wanting to date you so when you came on it was <hes>. Let me pull this up so i don't get this wrong when you came on it. Was this crap. I had it pulled up dating all the boys than eating all the food team. Yeah we'll get we'll get to that in a second as well yeah so when you came on you asked who on it oh you you went on a date with with jack when you came. Okay mr jack style. Oh no actually sorry i did. I go into it with jack. I went on a date with matt when i tell sorry matt but at that rose ceremony that episode you came in got the rose from jack so what oh that was the one where matt basically bounced right yeah okay so you got the rose from jack and then were you kind of into jack and paired up with him at that point because then guys came in the next episode and you went on two dates you what you went on a date with tickle monster who was on the podcasts asked about a month ago and then you went on a date with blake. Everybody's you know just blake made it quite often. This ranch is <hes>. He went on a date with blake after that but what was the situation was jack jealous. Where were you at with tickle monster and blake where you more jack well. I was probably the most into jack. I was still just figuring it out at all was happening so fast then i just went in there open minded. I was like i remember asking wells on like what should i do and i said i felt like i shouldn't say no to a date. 'cause that's what i'm here for. He said the best paradise this advice. I can give you is never say no to date so that was my that was my like mantra going into it and i was exhausted but i was having so much fun and yeah should ever deeper into anyone. I guess to to <hes> to clarify. Did you ever actually ended up getting a date with jack. Yeah no no. He was like setup. He set up a couple of cute little dates on the beach but i never had a formal date with him. So yeah you went on a date with matt when you came in where tickle monster and blake came in you went on a date with them yeah and then after they came in. You still rose to jack so you weren't into them so you were at like i said that's four guys that you you you went on dates with three but you spent most of your time with jack and didn't and you could be wrong but didn't you make out at some point with all four most likely i'm like if my memory serves me i believe i did it was actually hysterical the rose ceremony because they're all like trying to get my roses so they're bringing out there like bust out all the stops and they come over yeah. I got you this. I got you this like grabbed me in debt me and kiss me under the moonlight and do all this gimmicky stuff and i was like oh. This is fun but kind of exhausting testing. I don't know how these like playboy juggle all these girls at one time. Well okay so so after that rose ceremony gave a rose to jack so now blake and what's his nuts are gone. Let's sorry tickle monster sardonic so funny then the next group comes in of women and it was jamie king and the twins ends the twins were set to go on a date with jack.

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