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We were talking about how where we had the mistaken Claim of death. And that's essentially what it was Tan you, Roberts, the former bond girl girl. Yeah, she's still alive despite reports of her death over the weekend, her publicist announced on Sunday. That the former bond girl had died at age 65. In fact, I'm not dead yet Lacking the money by the movie it right, multiple outlets. TMZ Hollywood reporter. They all reported that a representative for the star confirmed the death to them. But now it's confirmed that as of yesterday she's still alive. She's invited dire condition. She's not in great shape. But he is alive. I couldn't stand it because ideal Don wells than 10 Year. Roberts. I got no good at all. It would've been hard on. You don't wanna build difficult, Yes, but apparently her her partner. Did visit her in the hospital on Sunday after being told that it may have been the last time to see her. She's been hospitalized since Christmas Eve laps while walking her dogs. They say it's not covert related, but she was placed on a ventilator. She's experiencing some liver problems when she was hospitalized. So this is someone who was apparently In good health is latest, like December 19th. She was doing some live chance with fans. Is that right? Yes, my goodness. She James Bond girl or a ward Bond girl. No, both. They were a lot different. She was actually she was a gold bond girl. She kept hold on. There You go. Yes, Yes. I think it was that nobody knows warm bodice, but sad story, though, man, you know where she is. She's just not walking her dogs and collapses. Yeah. And then we hear she's dead, but she's not dead. Well, I did the first thing I thought I was body Python. I'm not dead yet. But you're gonna be you know, just I'd forgotten that she was also in Charlie's Angels. Later. Yes, she was. Yes, She was the last one. She's the last ad on there. But she wasn't one of the three angels. You know, She was one of the she kind of helped the detective solve crimes. Okay? She started Julie Rogers. Charlie's Angels OK till she's lost yet still alive. 6 26 w B A P coming up here at 6 45. Tomorrow is the day the electoral college certification is set. We'll talk about that. We've got more on what's happening as far as the state of Georgia is concerned, how, but then there may also be another drug to help covert hospitalization Stay low. And it will surprise you What? It's what the drug was created for. Okay. We'll talk about that. Coming up in 6 45. Nicole has the 6 30 news next for Worth Mayor Betsy Price is expected to make a major announcement Today. Story is next. You've heard me talk about the anthology Senior Living communities here in the Metroplex that you're just fabulous. I love the fact that we benefit from three of them one in Plano one and didn't want it. Stonebridge Ranch because here They're not like other senior living communities. These are vibrant communities got a highly trained staff of the license nurse at your service, 24 hours a day and the caregivers they're engaged. They're in case not only with the residents, but they engage with their families as well. It's really kind of a close knit family. Everyone is It's a community. I think I've told you that. I wish my folks could be a part of they just lived too far away. And and that's unfortunate because these places have all the amenities. Get it in house. Alana Jim Recreation Space is the food is outstanding, Got a registered dietitian with an in house ship. It's restaurant style. You don't have to wait until they tell you it's time to eat. No, you eat when you want to You order like you're at a restaurant. That's the way it is at the anthology senior living communities, It's more affordable than you think is well in these times. I want encourage you to do a virtual tour Skype. Zoom face time. It's.

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