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Have a surface as well. So I have a stylus and both my and my phone and I draw storyboards for example for my editor for Takata and I also sketch out a lot of ideas for For crowd I with a digital pen. Either on my surface or on my note no ten and it's You know just to get like if I have an idea all my God. We have to put this button here or we have to re size that or like. What if what if you collected feedback in this way or that way I can just I realize that you can just take out the The pen and then start drawing on the screen and I don't have to find an APP to put it in whatever just safe and I get back to it whenever any two. So are you one of those people that prefers written notes to oneself over typing on a virtual keyboard? No no no I don't I never right. I content right. I have like ten years. I'm just sketching things out. So basically I'm sketching out fake screen specifically lines and yeah exactly. I'm sure it's great to be able to like say that your your crowd APP. Take a screen shot and then whip the pen out and actually redraw top of that screen. Shot charges that you see in your mind. That's gotta be really useful. That is yes very much and I I I mean I really liked that. The no ten has screen recording built in. I find it very weird. That's one thing I would like to add. Just like a built built in screen recording feature like I think that's on the docket if mistaken it's in the current developer previews on it works pretty good. You'll like it okay. Yeah so I I liked it very much because whenever we work without developers. I mean. It's whatever you give feedback. It's either in the form of screen shots videos and it's super useful to be able to draw on top two inches do it natively and abide away. F- If I'm allowed to plug one more we're looking for one more developer. So if you're if you're working with a reactive native or No Jess then Write us at jobs at crowd that come we want we want your CV with two RS. Cress correct jobs as always want to make sure that's in there and I love the. I love the note ten. I have to say the smaller one. I still use it from time to time. It's just a beautifully made phone. It's perfect size. I just think a other than the fact that the the power buttons on the left side I think Samson nailed it. I want to ask about the. Lg Velvet because that phone has been teased in teased and then LG released unveiled at first South Korea. earlier this week and this is a brand new design for. Lg really kind of goes back to a more one. Hand friendly teardrop kind of Influence is quote inspired by nature. Which is actually I think. Not a great corollary because it it brings my mind back to the the galaxy S. three it's like raindrops sounds which nobody should ever have to hear again. I want to know what your what your thoughts are on the strategy. I mean this is not an expensive phone by modern standards. Around seven hundred thirty. Us dollars if you convert from Korean won- it's one of the first phones to run a snap driven seven sixty five rather than the eight sixty five eight gigs of Ram one hundred. Twenty two point. One storage Triple camera setup on the back including a forty eight megapixel trimbe primary camera an ultra wide and a depth No telephoto Forty three hundred million of our battery and I sixty eight water resistance. It's got active. Stylus support just like V. Sixty which is very cool. And there's a three point five millimeter headphone Jack. Jerry's very happy about that. So what what do you think is this? Is this enough for L. Is this just another kind of bump in the road is it? Is it going to turn their fortunes around? What do you think is is going to happen here? You guys are also thinking that this is going to replace the g series correct. We think so. This is probably they're going to have visas. Which is their high end flagship. All whatever and then they have like an almost flak ship more design focus g series which has developed now correct. That's your you're taking. Yeah I definitely I agree with that. Yeah well I agree. I think that DAB on its own is a good idea like I think given how many given the volumes of algae. I don't think that they need to you. Know flagships with the same processor for for one year so it would make sense to to separate the two and then to to really give both like a reason for existence so You know the the enthusiasts can have the TV series and then the that The I guess the regular people care more about design and and and hopefully Polish. Because I think that kind of seems to be what they're going forward to make the phone like pretty and nice versus just like throwing all the specs in there I think I think it makes sense in general separate those two. I think I think the phone visually looks much better than any recent. Lg phone at least from the series. I thought that the G eight and G S excellent whatever. The old looked rather clunky. And I think I think we geeks like to at not realize how much a product looking pretty matters to people so I I. I think I think it's not a not a bad idea to revamp their design and I think it looks. Looks like a no ten a Sony or whatever but I I think it looks definitely more definitely nicer than previous. Lg phones. I just I wonder whether that price tag is is still going to be a problem for them. It's not a flagship anymore Not a full flagship anymore. and I feel like I feel like for four seven hundred dollars having a a phone. There's plenty of phones with snapdragon. Eight hundred series in that price winter reading. So I think it's going to be a little tough but I like it more than their latest G. series phone so I'm hoping that it will bring them some improvement. I think you nailed it. Yeah I agree Jerry I want. I want you to finish that thought but I thought the g eight was a great phone. I actually liked it a lot. I thought the the depth sensing time of flight sensors on the front that allowed you to kind of claw and it you know whatever it was called like the feature was underwhelming but the idea was there and I think. Lg Does that a lot where it has really good tech demos. That don't translate. It's really flushed out Features and the V. series. I just think goes with brute force and it does a really good job and I. I had one on the show a couple of weeks ago. some gadget guy and we were talking about why people are so passionate about. Lg and it just comes down to the fact that like as you said at the beginning They get a bad rap in the media. And I think I posted something online yesterday on twitter about how people are upset that. Lg doesn't get the same respect. It's kind of a Rodney dangerfield problem right that. L. D. doesn't get the same respect as as Samsung. They deserve that respect. And I. It's funny because I disagree. I think that. Lg has done this to itself to some extent. But I also agree that Samsung just steals all of the air in the room by virtue of its of its a massive marketing budgets and that does not always translate into. It's fair comparisons. But I do think that. Lg deserve some of the blame here as well absolutely. I do think that they're like like things that Reviewers I wish cared more about but I mean it's it's really on the company to make people care about the product if people don't care about the features that they think are important and maybe those features aren't all that important in the end and and Yeah I mean L G has done plenty to confuse US reviewers and to to make us feel like man you know not. All of their products are as exciting as they could be. So I mean I design is definitely one of those things so if they if they could Polish that up I think it would be helpful to say the least Jerry. Finish your thought on that because I I want to hear what you think before we move on I think in North America. This phone is doomed just like any other. Lg Phone People are gonNA see snapdragon seven sixty five and then a seven hundred dollar plus price tag and nobody's going to buy it because for two dollars more a month can get a phone with a snapdragon eight sixty five and five G. even though they'll never be able to use it and all these other things that they have been told over and over by phone manufacturers dead they really need to have Part of that. I hate to blame US but sometimes I have to. We have to care about the phones that consumers care about if we want to stay in business. We can care about other things but we can't devote let's say. Daniel is the biggest. Lg Fan in the world. He can't devote time to say all the good things that LG does because he has to devote his time to running a business and when lg can't convince consumers that you know these phones are worth caring about. We can't get the message across therefore nobody's going to care. Well I mean the the irony there is at. Lg is still the third biggest selling the third highest selling Oem in North America. Just because of its Carrier relationships so that was a big reason why the sixty was only released carriers not unlocked like other LG phones. I'm excited to see what happens. I mean L G not leaving I think David Ruddick on the show a year ago and he had predicted that by this time algae would be completely out of the game the way that HCC seems to have kind of abandoned smartphone aspirations. So I'm glad that there's they're still in it and they're trying new things because the more competition the better I just hope that LG can can fix. Its endemic marketing. It's IT's software update its its pricing. It's just like the there are things that plague the company For every release and I hope that finally it can get get he can just leapfrog all of them and then really compete because mainstream is important whether you care about high photo high quality audio or whether you care about content creation on your device both of which. Lg is the best at the be. The best in the business at it doesn't matter if you're fundamentals are are bad and and you know the V. series is a great series but some of the fundamentals are just not up to snuff. You know maybe. Lg Fallen into the same trap is Sony. L. IS GONNA make phones forever and lose money doing it because the company itself can afford to do. So that's what we see with Sony. Today Sony loses money on every single phone they sell and they don't care they they WANNA sell a complete electronics services packaged to their loyal customers. Who have a Sony?.

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