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Some W. WJZ in great Kelly has details I am Casey K. so well now or up to the number one song in the land Detroit native and Wayne State University alum Casey case some in the news after his widow Jeanne case some filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the late radio legends attorney Samuel income the third is just the latest legal move in a string of lawsuits and allegations since the radio personality passed away in two thousand fourteen a new court documents Jeanne case some accuses attorney in applauding with case of adult kids to isolate and kill Casey case some by starving him for financial gain gene is brought in former Ellie chief prosecutor Becky James the fighter case Ingrid Kelly WWJ newsradio nine fifty metro Detroit is gearing up for the presidential democratic debates here in town this week it'll take place at the fox theater on Tuesday and Wednesday nights Congress woman Brenda Lawrence spoke live on W. W. J. about what she expects to see clearly there are topside you know you have Joe Biden who is leading in our homes he had homology heiress who has really show and short debate that she's strong enough and knowledgeable enough to be and major Kerr credit Lawrence also name senator Elizabeth Warren and senator Bernie Sanders as front runner stay with WWJ newsradio nine fifty for live and local coverage of the debate on Tuesday and Wednesday nights protecting Michigan's pets is on the minds of some top Macomb county officials here with the story is W. W. J. Charly Lankton local county state senator people see it was introduced legislation that would require veterinarians to report suspected animal abuse zero says currently there's no law that would require batteries to report abuse and often times they are in the best position to observe the abuse also Macomb county prosecutor Eric Smith has formed an animal abuse task force called paused to prevent into made actions toward animals jelly like Jim W. J. newsradio nine fifty disease carrying ticks can be found in more places than ever before and disease cases from tics have doubled that's according to the CDC Cleveland clinic's doctor Allen Tate G. says if someone finds it take on their skin it's important to know how to remove it safely what we should be doing is getting its tweezers finals tweezers and try to reach the very head of that check where it's attached to your body and that's where you should grasp it in carefully remove it actor Taye she says prevention is key when it comes to avoiding a tick bite he suggests wearing light colored clothing long sleeve shirts and pants which helps keep takes out but also makes it easier to spot a tick on clothing it's the latest chapter in the road funding debate as we hear from W. W. Jay's Jason Scott state representative Jack o'malley who's been cruising the state gathering input from Michigan drivers.

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