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I think glued to a phone call free to us normal we spoke about many things mandate so so I think from you or at is that nobody pollution bush me yes hello is overrated meanwhile Pam as you've reported the U. N. is having its own money issues what's going on the US is the largest contributor to the United Nations and the US often pays late and does pony up with twenty percent of the entire U. N. budget roughly ten billion dollars but the V. is U. N. secretary general in October sent out alarm signals so take you when was in a cash flow crisis in part because they were not certain about the US contribution by far the largest to the world body and by paying light and the U. S. has withheld funds from some of the voluntary organizations that the U. N. needs money for and so the U. S. was about two point four billion dollars in arrears to the peacekeeping budget now that wasn't just the trump administration it also comes from before but trump administration has said they will pay most of their regular budget fees the problem is the lack of dedication or at least the perceived lack of dedication to the United Nations from the trump administration CBS news foreign affairs analyst Pam Falk at the United Nations thanks.

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