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So he went to the polls tomorrow merciful and went down and got him, Uh, pull them up and lovingly restored them. And they're all smashed up because they hit the ocean going ho, Faster terminal velocity, But you know, it's just something he had to do. And I couldn't tell which rocket went with which launch? I guess he could. They must have been numbered somehow. Yeah, they had serial numbers. I don't know if they were corroded over or not. I saw him up in Seattle and they were. They were pretty pretty much a mess, but they say they did a incredible job in a few years back. Three Kansas Cosmosphere, which is a great little museum and Hutchins of Kansas, that not enough people get to Had the second crude Mercury flight, Gus Grissom's capsule that they had pulled out by the Atlantic and restored But because one of your loyal uh, followers asked about it. Shall we talk about the SLS? Yeah, That's another topic. Of course, that's a little more timely. Um NASA is attempting to put people back on the moon, I guess. And this is a rocket that is designed to lunch. That moon mission. First of all, When would that be? What is their target for that? Well, the hope was to have the first crew and the first woman on the moon in 2024% of the Trump administration. Long trying to accelerate things. No. You know, you have to build the E V a suits. We haven't done any of those since the sixties. There's a lot of things that start. Remember so that from the space station they wanted to do the first all female space. What, but they didn't have enough suits that fit women. For the women to go out there. They didn't put her. Yeah, Yeah, And there was some human cry about that, but but the ass not herself, came out and said, Look, it was just a matter of what components. We had it there because most these things are between Take 25 years old. Yeah, Amazing. They've only got a limited supply. And they didn't have all of them up there. But they did rectify that. So they were testing face March system SLS. They were testing it and shut it down, didn't they? Yes, I was supposed to be. There's a syriza of different tests during what they call the green run phase. This was a live fire test of the engine's supposed to run for a full eight minutes, which simulates the full ride into orbit. That includes a lot of things you know, powering up on then the full run different throttle settings and critically gambling the engines because the Gimbels the the engines air on pivot so they could steer the rocket. You want to test that under power, right? Because you want to make sure this address job instead of like a prop bets. A lot of the stress is a lot of torque. So it quit after one minute and all we know at this point is that there was an M C f a major component failure. Thies things happened, which sounds like put this in person. Well, they do. And, you know, it sounds like a turbo blowing up because those those terms these are old space shuttle engines. So these air not now these air probably tended to 20 years old. They've been reconditioned to check, you know, but They're older engines. Those those turbos spin up. I.

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