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That's yeah so it's sort of well it's like i carly sort of in the dna of culture yet and it's sort of you know in you know it's it's it's just i have such a different perspective on it because it didn't shape me i was like i was so it's like i can't relate with that but i recognize that it like on a personal side you're more like we when we first when we first started hanging out we would talk about like timid eric and like md hell oh yeah yeah and was that was there overlap between the nick aaron like yet like absolute onset like hey miranda cosgrove look at these sam hide video i mean this guy is showing people like the ted talk and stuff and like early tim and eric shit like they're awesome show stuff showing ginette that i remember but like we'll ever net janette gets it geneticists who mccurdy ginette mccurdy she's she's sam sam okay just wanted to sam on i carly and later sam and cat which is a spin off of both carly and victoria got valentine from victoria's and sam for my carly they move in together and they start a babysitting business well even know that no no idea no the brandon just out is beating us star vi carleen unite carleen i'd watch it with my my sister i'm imagining a situation where brandon just doesn't stop talking for like an hour and a half until the pods done and he's just like it's just explains the entire.

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