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Gateway drug. It's more john zina's stuff but yeah i think he's good. I think he's going to kill it. I think he has the potential to steal this movie. Much like deba. Deba teesta stole guardians. I i feel like he could totally steel suicide squad. I'm loving what you're saying right now greg. I can't wait. I agree jake. My most anticipated movie of the year. Only because i don't think we're going to see black widow this year. That's my own. I'm just trying to set my own expectations As crazy as it sounds But i can't wait by by the way. I have this feeling and maybe it's more hope than anything else that with everything that's happened with james gunn marble and knowing that no matter what direction marvel continues to take it's likely continuing to be sort of cosmic scale. I i have this. Hope they're gonna just back up the money truck because it just seems like he has a longer term vision. We're getting a fucking animated series and rebecca more on this. Well we're getting a group animated series on disney plus. And are we saying that. James gunn is not going to be involved in this at all. At one time he was going to be in charge of this whole cosmic corner of hours a rumor but that was a rumor and i think that they try to squash that. I think kevin feige. He tried to even squash that. But i think that it's legit. I'm with you greg That's my hope and especially you know. They were willing to kind of patch. Things up which i'm glad for I think it's probably a one. Stop detour to the dc. Eu Do you think after this then. It's guardians of the galaxy volume three. And then do you think it's back to original james gunn kind of stuff like he's going to be doing his own thing you know. I'd like effect i. I can see him doing his own thing. But squeezing that in between marvel movies that meant two billion bucks a pop. I mean it's like i don't i don't i. I love james gone. But i think you can't if you have the opportunity to make movies that earned that kind of bank. Why would you stop. Why would you I don't agree with rebecca so much more on this. I it the fact that he's so involved in the peacemaker. Hbo show all james guns movies before guardians of the galaxy or are rated movies. That's his thing i mean. I'm sure he'd love doing the marvel stuff but after his experience you. You just wants to finish his trilogy and get the fuck out..

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