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And Greg's Like like that thought, okay. Hill, who would fit the bill there and is Greg was thinking about it. She thought it would be funny. You know, it really messed with the NHL is if we vote in a player player who couldn't really keep up couldn't really shoot. Couldn't really handle the pipe. The slow guy with the bad hands couldn't do anything. Let's let's let's really you know, drop a stink bomb in the room and then It hit him. The perfect guy. Ah, Goliath of the league. John Scott. All my God. John Scott. All star John Scott Scott is 68 to 70 was a behemoth cracks, the less he was the guy that would only play between five and eight minutes a night. Great. Couldn't really shoot a best. Couldn't really skate got killed in the corner up on top of that when John Scott was on the plastic, That's a later that's that's a cheap shot. That's unacceptable on Lee thing. He was good at all he could do was knocking other people senseless. Go God. Then, after Castle like, Well, this is cracked something on, you know, hockey terms? This guy is a predator. John Scott was what you would call a new old fashioned goon. Yes. Oh, my God. That's the one. He's the one he got from that point on. There was no other answer to the question like that was the guy that it would have to be. Just got What What is that? And what started there, as a tiny joke between two guys on a podcast would end up twisting the fate and fortune of one of the most feared load punishing players in the national hockey You be quiet..

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