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And that would bring up the next state to mention here nevada because the margin right now in nevada is seventy six hundred votes for joe biden. Nevada officials have told us that they expect to moro at noon eastern time to announce most of the rest of their results. Although there are some local reports out there that they may be speeding that up to tonight's. There's a little bit of in there but sometime between tonight at noon tomorrow. We expect to find out most of the rest of the votes in nevada. They have told us. Those ballots are mail ballots. They are late arriving. Mail ballots and their provisional ballots. Not same day vote. What's outstanding in nevada. Mayo ballots the came in very laid out there so again. We want to see them. Start to report those out. See what the trend is. Are they favorable. The biden are favorable. The trump outstanding in nevada and again biden up seventy six hundred if he holds onto that lead gets arizona and nevada. That would be two hundred seventy electoral votes for joe biden. And so if you've just outlined one of the past and that's a path without pennsylvania it's a path that according to the numbers could be resolved within days which is striking the last thing i have to ask. You is the shortest question tonight. How many hours have you slept since this thing started point. Three facts about right. We'll be back you throughout the evening on our special coverage. Steve kornacki holding down. We go right to detroit where nbc's heidi prisma has been reporting on some disruptions at the very center where votes are being tallied. Heidi hey area. I'm standing outside the tc center here in downtown detroit. Where final absentee ballots. That were coming in around. The city are now being counted. And i'm told that they're pretty close to finishing it up however throughout the day. What we saw here was of huge crowd gathering of self-proclaimed. Gop poll-watchers so many of them in fact that a number of them had stormed the inside room where. The poll counting pull ballot. Counting is going on and eventually the police had to intervene and they had to block the extra individuals behind me who were trying to get in. Now i've talked to lawyers for the democrats and they say it really didn't in the end affect their ability to do their job but they're concerned that this really just an attempt to try and cast this whole process of something illegitimate. When it's exactly what state officials told us would happen ari. Which is that. There was not enough time to count these belts. The secretary of state the ag begged the republican legislature to give them more time to do pre canvassing to count all of these historic this historic number of absentee ballots. That were coming in and they said no and so everybody in the state new. It wasn't going to get done on election night and yet here. We have protesters creating the scene trying to suggest that somehow this process is not legitimate. Ari heidi puzzle on the ground with the context. We appreciate that and stay safe out there. I want to turn out a very special guest. The trump campaign filed a suit today. They are suing these secretary of state of michigan jocelyn benson and she joins us now in our msnbc special coverage secretary steve benson. Thanks for joining me pleasure. Thanks for having me absolutely. I'm holding this brand new lawsuit. You are named as a defendant jocelyn benson in your official capacity as secretary of state. I propose we begin with the lightning rounds so people can understand what if anything is impacted. Then give you time to give us a more lengthy consideration of the issues but yes or no. Does this suit change any of the counting process thus far that your state is doing nope it does not. We've got a transparent secure. Meticulous process can continue to count every vote and ensure that every valid vote is counted. and yes or no. Does this in your view change anything regarding the numbers you've provided to the press which has begun calling some of these races including nbc projecting biden winning michigan. Now that it does not either again. We're continuing to count every vote where we've trust process we've been transparent and And and we stand by the numbers the process and the hard-working election workers who've been tabulating every vote since the polls opened a seven. Am on tuesday topic. So i think that's very important because you're giving us a context for what this is done. thus far. This suit has not changed anything in michigan. Now i wanna give you a little more time and walk us through. What is your response on. Behalf of the state to what. The trump campaign is accusing because there are effectively saying that michigan and you are messing up and that somehow you're not following the rules that provide for this type of transparency and oversight of accounting which regardless of which candidate people like is the law of the land is important. Your response so. Let's let me be abundantly clear. First of all this meritless frivolous lawsuit and really just an attempt to sow seeds of doubt about the integrity of our well established election process protocols. You're right at the moment. When we anticipated a lot of misinformation was get a target our state from the minute the polls close to the minute we were about to and get very close to having that full tabulation so recognize it for what it is an attempt to confuse an obstacle what actually is a very transparent secure process in michigan where all of our legal protocols have been followed by election workers thousands of whom we've been working for hours through the night meticulously tabulate every vote and we will continue to do so as i've said again made abundantly clear. There is no candidate no campaign though political party who will stand in the way of our commitment to ensure that every valid vote in michigan will be counted and that only valid votes in michigan. We'll be counted. Final question to you is not about the actual lawsuit which again they have the ability to file so that is part of the legal process and we'll see where it goes but something much broader from the president had states today. He has posted online through twitter that he quote sheer by claims. The state of michigan. If in fact there were a large number of secretly dumped ballots has been widely reported and quote. Just so folks understand. I believe this is the odd part of reporting these matters in two thousand twenty but just doing my job here when a sitting president says he quote here by claims michigan eventuality of some belief. Does that have any significance whatsoever to who wins michigan your response. It does not because candidates don't declare and decide who wins elections voters do election workers tabulate every vote. That's what decides who wins or loses an election. that's how democracy works and that's exactly the process. We're following here in michigan It's a process. I'm proud of. It's a process. I stand by. And it's a process that a number of citizens and millions of voters all across the state have placed their faith in by casting their ballots on time and we'll work to ensure again that every valid vote is counted in. Frankly push back against all the misinformation that we continue to see escalate across the country and on social media as false information designed to falsely arm the integrity of our elections when instead. We're doing everything by the books and everyone..

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